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dimanche 21 juillet 2019

Will Vietnam’s Trong loosen his grip on absolute power ?

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) is preparing for its 13th Congress scheduled to be held in early 2021. Surely it will elect someone else to take over from 75-year-old Nguyen Phu Trong as general secretary.

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Vietnam calls for Chinese vessels to leave Vanguard Bank in South China Sea

It comes amid stand-off at reef in disputed Spratly Islands that began when survey vessel entered area with coastguard ships to conduct seismic research Analysts say it’s unlikely the incident will escalate into a conflict or hurt relations

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vendredi 19 juillet 2019

Obesity is climbing faster in Vietnam than anywhere in Southeast Asia

Obesity is rising fast in Southeast Asia, putting strain on healthcare systems and government budgets, particularly in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, according to research from Fitch Solutions Macro Research.

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Vietnam’s Phu Cat airport goes international in September

Vietnam’s Phu Cat airport will be ready for international flights come September after recently completing upgrades to the tarmac, domestic terminal and radar system.

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Is Huawei a security threat ? Vietnam isn’t taking any chances

As the world splits along U.S.-China fault lines, telecom companies in Vietnam appear to be quietly avoiding the Chinese tech giant in their 5G plans.

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Vietnam says preserved corpse of Ho Chi Minh in great condition

The embalmed corpse of Vietnam's founding leader, Ho Chi Minh, is in great condition, state media said on Friday (Jul 19), a month after the government recruited a team of Russian experts to help preserve the former revolutionary's body.

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jeudi 18 juillet 2019

Vietnam, France promotes cooperation between parliamentarian groups

The Vietnam-France and France-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentarians Groups held talks Hanoi on July 17 to discuss ways to foster cooperation between the two sides.

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mercredi 17 juillet 2019

China-Vietnam: Comrades in words, not in actions ?

While a visiting senior politician from Vietnam and her Chinese hosts talked in Beijing about the friendship and comradeship between the two communist neighbors, it was reported that their coast-guard vessels had been involved in a confrontation over a reef in the South China Sea.

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Vietnam 'safeguarding waters' in reported South China Sea standoff

Vietnam is exercising its "sovereign rights and jurisdiction in a peaceful and lawful manner", the government said on Tuesday (July 16) amid reports of a standoff between Vietnamese and Chinese naval forces in disputed waters in the South China Sea.

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lundi 15 juillet 2019

Time is running out for Facebook as TikTok takes over in Vietnam

A teenager on Hang Dau street in downtown Hanoi took out his phone and started to shoot a video of an old homeless woman who was sitting under the awning of a store with her small bundle of rugged blankets and bags.

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Vietnam seeks to sell stake in military commercial bank

Lender has more than 100 branches, $16 billion in assets and a market cap close to $2 billion

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Nike supplier pivots away from Vietnam after exiting China

The new normal of global trade is that there are few safe harbors.

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samedi 13 juillet 2019

Move aside Bamboo Airways, Vinpearl Air Is coming

It looks as though Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways could lose its new kid on the block status. The Vietnamese Vingroup is reportedly seeking to start the sixth airline in the Vietnam aviation industry. The new airline undertaking would be known as Vinpearl Air.

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Baby Hoai An, found in plastic bag and treated in Singapore, dies in Vietnam

A Vietnamese baby girl who was treated at a Singapore hospital after being left for dead in Vietnam in March has died.

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jeudi 11 juillet 2019

Vietnam needs to break its addiction to chinese coal

Hanoi needs to consider the environmental and strategic consequences of reliance on Chinese coal projects.

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mardi 9 juillet 2019

The EU’s human rights and free trade conundrum

Earlier this month the EU and Vietnam signed a new trade agreement, which was praised in a joint statement by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and Vietnam’s Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh as “the most ambitious free trade deal between the EU and an emerging economy to date.

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Can Vietnam turn 90% of its transactions into cashless payments?

Slowly but surely, Vietnamese e-wallet providers are making moves to win over users across the country.

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Defense dialogue spotlights Vietnam-France military ties

The interaction was yet another sign of ongoing attempts by both sides to further boost security collaboration.

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lundi 8 juillet 2019

Vietnam's vast underground world

Hidden beneath the lush jungles of central Vietnam lies a deep subterranean labyrinth that holds three of the world’s four biggest caves.

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Vietnam gambles on workers’ rights

In a desperate effort to tame rebellious workers, Vietnam is now building a collective bargaining regime. But empowering independent trade unions could backfire for the country’s authoritarian government — and allow workers to fight back against multinational capital.

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dimanche 7 juillet 2019

Vietnam architects campaign to save cathedral

Architects in Vietnam are concerned that plans to renovate an historic cathedral could lead to its destruction.

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jeudi 4 juillet 2019

Trump threatened Hanoi on trade, but Vietnam just teamed up with the EU on a big new deal

Vietnam and the European Union on Sunday inked a first-of-its-kind trade deal that will eliminate 99% of tariffs on goods imported from the Asian developing nation to the bloc.

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mercredi 3 juillet 2019

More than 280,000 people receive unemployment allowance

A total of 280,084 people have received unemployment allowance so far this year, and more than 13,600 people were supported with vocational training.

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mardi 2 juillet 2019

China's cultural tourism highlighted, adored in Vietnam

"If these beautiful products are for sale, I will buy them immediately," a Vietnamese young man told Xinhua on Monday, pointing his hand to a USB drive in the form of a Guangxi bronze drum and then a smartphone cover with images of a dragon and a phoenix.

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Vietnam and Japan firms ink gas deal as Hanoi looks beyond coal

JXTG and Petrolimex will explore building LNG receiving stations and joint procurement

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Vietnam's apparel industry braces for cost surge as tech giants move in

Nike, H&M and Gap suppliers among those slowing expansion in Southeast Asian nation

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lundi 1 juillet 2019

New documentary series highlights the struggles of women activists in Vietnam

A new series of video interviews highlights the perspectives and struggles of women involved in human rights activism in Vietnam.

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vendredi 28 juin 2019

Vietnam GDP grows on trade war gains

Vietnam's economy expanded faster than expected in the second quarter of this year, as the country reaps the benefits of the ongoing trade war between China and the US.

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jeudi 27 juin 2019

The rise and rise of a Vietnamese corporate empire

Vingroup increasingly seen as akin to a South Korean chaebol

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Trump threatens to expand his trade war by slapping tariffs on Vietnam

President Donald Trump may be getting ready to open a new front in his trade war against one of China's neighbors: Vietnam.

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