The service will enable users to block websites containing pornographic, violent or other objectionable content by blocking access to sites both inside and outside Vietnam at the level of the ISP network with a blocking rate of 99%.

Network-based web filtering, said VDC, would overcome shortfalls of other methods such as keyword-based web filtering or web filtering software installed directly on the user's computer.

"Harmful websites have had a significant negative influence on society and culture," said VDC general director Vu Hoang Lien. "Both government and parents have spent a lot of effort trying to alleviate this adverse impact. The introduction of the Green internet service is our commitment to families and society to keep the internet environment green for our next generation."

DTS' chair and general director Vuong Manh Son said the advantage of the service was that there was no way for users to disable the web blocking function, relieving parents from concerns over their own limited computer skills and knowledge to manage their children's activities in this area.

Son said the Green service has already achieved success in South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

"With similarities in culture and moral value, we believe that this service will be welcomed in Vietnam," said Son. He said the service would' also help minimise threats from viruses and spy ware.

According to the Vietnam internet Network Information Centre, Vietnam currently has 19.5 million internet users, 5.6 million of whom are internet service subscribers.

Vietnam News Agency - May 20, 2008