Investigations revealed that during the construction of the Bai Chay Bridge in the northern province of Quang Ninh in 2004, Dung allegedly instructed his subordinates to fake documents to show non-existent workers had been supplied to subcontractors.

They then proceeded to pocket 3.4 billion dong in purported wages.

Eleven other former officials of PMU18 would be charged, the police said Monday.

Last August, Dung was sentenced to jail for gambling and bribery.

PMU18 is entrusted by the Ministry of Transport with managing construction of highways, bridges and other infrastructure.

When the scam at the agency broke in 2005 then Transport minister Dao Dinh Binh was forced to resign and his deputy, Nguyen Viet Tien, was arrested.

But the Supreme People's Procuracy, the highest prosecution office, dropped all charges against Tien in March.

Thanh Nien - May 29, 2008