G, who requested her name to be shortened, brought her story about being duped to work as a commercial sex worker in Indonesia to Thanh Nien last weekend.

About two months ago, T.T.G. made the acquaintance of T. (also shortened at T.T.G's request as she has received threats) a 30 to 40 year old woman living on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street in District 3.

T. offered the young girl an opportunity to go to Indonesia and work at her friend's garment shop. To convince G. and her family, T. invited them to her house and let them talk on the phone to a girl named My living in Indonesia.

After T.'s introduction, My informed the family about her work at the shop and how it had made her family very well off.

Several days later, T. made her offer more attractive with the prospect of G. marrying a wealthy Indonesian husband. Towards this end, G. was persuaded into borrowing US$2,300 to undergo cosmetic surgery on her breasts.

After the operation, T. contacted an Indonesian man named Hengky Lukman who helped G. with her visa procedures.

Upon arrival at an Indonesia airport on August 28, two men picked G. up and took her to an apartment building.

From that time, G. was forced to "entertain" customers at a neighbouring hotel.

G. says there were more than 100 girls from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, and other countries in this commercial sex trade racket.

Every night, when men visiting the bar on the 7th floor of the hotel demanded women, dozens of girls were required to stand in line waiting to be selected.

G. says although she had to "serve" many customers, she only received two poor meals every day and the boss, Hengky Lukman, did not give her any money.

More than a week later, G. was able to contact her family after several attempts, and they contacted the Indonesian Consulate in HCM City for help. The consulate staff asked the family to contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia, and they coordinated with the police to rescue G. on September 16.

HCM City police told Thanh Nien last Friday they were searching for T. for further investigation as she was away from her house in District 3.

Thanh Nien News - October 1st, 2008