Vietnam Telecomp is an annual gathering of top-notch products, services and solutions from many leading brands of the world in the ICT industry.

The event, organised in HCM City from November 26 to 29 by Vietnam's telecom giant VNPT and Hong Kong's Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, will see a massive display of the latest offerings by the giants from America, France, Japan and Finland.

Although this is not the first time that Orange France Telecom presented the 3G services in Vietnam, those services are still hot enough to catch the attention of visitors and technology lovers.

Orange France Telecom has always viewed Vietnam as a very promising market for new sophisticated products, services and technologies," said Jean Pierre Achouche, the group's representative in Vietnam.

Our priority is to become a strategic partner of a telecom operator, so that Vietnamese customers can enjoy the same cutting-edge services Orange France Telecom customers enjoy worldwide."

Adding to the amusement, Orange France Telecom will offer a much awaited experience of multi-player games on mobile phones.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to enjoy games and practice their skills by joining one of the special mobile multiplayer tournaments demonstrated at Vietnam Telecomp 2008.

Orange France Telecom will join hands with Ankama, a French company specialising in game in Vietnam, for some joint displays to bring to the visitors the advanced mobile experiences.

This continued participation of Orange France Telecom in the biggest event in telecommunications and information technology shows the group's interest in the development of the industry.

Orange France Telecom is seeking a strategic partnership with one of the mobile operators in Vietnam.

France Telecom is a global telecom business with about 150 million customers in 220 countries. In 1997, France Telecom signed a business cooperation contract with VNPT to set up telephone lines in HCM City.

According to the International Telecommunication Union, Vietnam has the world's second highest growing telecom sector. Last year saw new phone subscriptions amount to 18.5 million, equivalent to a combined figure of three previous years.

By March this year the number of phone subscribers had reached 49.6 million, meaning the country has 57.3 phones for every 100 people.

Saigon Times Daily - November 27, 2008