The Thanh Nien newspaper said police found the women after launching a raid triggered by letters from the captive women.

The newspaper said the women, many of whom were from poor rural families, were kept as slaves in debt bondage and if they refused to perform sexual acts on customers they were severely punished by the owner, known as Tri, and his men.

"In nine months, I have seen more than 10 girls try to escape but they were captured, tortured by Tri and put in dog cages," said one of the rescued women.

The Telegraph quoted Thanh Nien saying the women were fed half a fish and a small bowl of soup at every meal, for which they were forced to pay $185 per month.

A 21-year-old woman from Dong Thap Province said she had suffered vertebral injuries last year while trying to escape from Tri’s parlor through the second floor after five months working there.

She said Hau had punched her after she fell to the ground and her family was forced to pay 13.5 million dong (US$800) to her captors for her release.

The women were also reportedly forced to pay Tri and his men "tuition" for "teaching" them sex acts.

United Press International - December 10, 2008