According to VNPT, establishing Vinasat Co under VNPT aims to exploit Vinasat-1 Vietnam's first telecom satellite. As expected, the Vinasat Co would officially make its debut in the second quarter this year.

Currently, the operators of Vinasat-1 are facing many difficulties because of the global economic downturn and the fierce competition from foreign rivals, who are more experienced and own many more satellites than Vietnam.

However, VTI International Telecommunications Co, VNPT's a subsidiary, which is responsible for doing business on Vinasat-1, still have big customers such as the Vietnam Television (VTV), the Radio Voice of Vietnam (VOV), Hanoi Television and Thaicom.

The Digital Television Station, VTC, from January 6 officially started broadcasting eight Full HD high fidelity channels (with the resolution of 1920x1080) including HD1, HD2, HD3, ESPN HD, National Geographic HD, CCTV-HD, Fashion TV HD and Luxe TV HD via the Vinasat-1 satellite.

Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam - January 14, 2009