The investor of this construction project was Red Sun (Mat Troi Do) Energy JSC (with two main partners of HCM City Centre for Energy Saving and New Millennium (Tan Ky Nguyen) Trading, Techniques and Services Co.)

In the first phase, the factory will sell solar cell panels with a total capacity of up to five megawatts per year. And in the second phase, the factory's main products would be solar cell components made from domestic raw materials. The factory would also invest in construction project of a solar cells producing factory from silica.

Additionally, the factory's other products are hot water producers from solar energy, electricity saving lights (led, compact etc) and other energy saving equipment. This is the leading work in term of energy high tech ones, the result of cooperation relationship between HCM City and Rhone – Alpes (France).

Thanh Nien News - April 27, 2009