Earlier, last September Navigos had forecasted that salary increase in 2009 could be two digits

Winnie Lam, human resources consultancy division of Navigos Group said as per the June report which is the company's latest labour market this year being dominated by the employers.

The prediction on salary level of Navigos was released based on researches on economic indexes affecting the salary and reward policy in Vietnamese labour market, such as FDI, GDP, inflation and unemployed ratio.

Factually, up to 59 percent of the companies that participated in Navigos' survey in March 2009 had hiked salary for employees from Q4 of 2008 to Q1 of 2009 and only 8 percent applied a policy of a freeze in salaries.

As for the allowances and welfares, nearly 40 percent of surveyed companies said they would maintain the welfare policy in 2009 similar to 2008's.

The 2009 salary survey of Navigos started from the end of April 2009 and to date has attracted over 120 companies from 18 sectors.

The final result of Navigos survey will be announced in this September.

Saigon Economic Times - June 26, 2009