The online newspaper VNexpress said police arrested Nguyen Tien Trung, 26, deputy head of the Vietnam Democratic Party, in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday. The dissident Tran Kim Anh, 60, was arrested in the northern province of Thai Binh on Monday, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

Police accused Trung of setting up the Movement of Democratic Youth that aimed to collude with anti-government forces at home and overseas to bring about a 'change of political regime' in Vietnam. He was discharged from the army fir subordination a day before he was arrested, the newspaper reported.

Police said Trung wrote blogs, distributed several documents, ran the 'Democracy Youth Forum' on the internet and made speeches at meetings to incite people to oppose the government.

He was also accused of inciting university students to protest China's move to set up an administrative district for the disputed Spratlys and Paracel islands in the South China Sea in December 2007.

Tran Kim Anh, a member of the pro-democracy grouping Bloc 8406 and general secretary of the Vietnam Democratic Party, was arrested on Monday on a charge of 'acting to undermine the State, violating Article 88 of Vietnam's Criminal Code.'

Anh was accused of working with exile groups in the United States, including the Vietnam Reform Party (Viet Tan), which the communist country considers a terrorist organization.

Deutsche Presse Agentur - July 7, 2009

Two more anti-State instigators arrested

Vietnamese police have arrested Nguyen Tien Trung and Tran Anh Kim on the charge of carrying out activities against the Vietnamese state under Article 88 of the Criminal Code.

Trung, born in 1983, lives at 6/1 Nguyen Canh Di Road, ward No4, Tan Binh Precinct, HCM City.

While studying in France in 2002, Trung collaborated with other reactionaries Nguyen Gia Kieng, Bui Tin and Vu Thu Hien to found an organisation called the Democratic Youth Movement. This organisation, led by Trung, planned to team up with other groups inside and outside Vietnam to demand a political change.

Upon his return to Vietnam, Trung met with Hoang Minh Chinh, Tran Anh Kim and others to discuss the establishment of another reactionary organisation called the Democratic Party of Vietnam to carry out anti-State activities conceived by Nguyen Si Binh.

Trung incited young people, including students, to demonstrate and cause social disturbances in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in December 2007 and April 2008. Despite confrontations with the local administration and social organisations, he continued these activities in open defiance of the law.

Tran Anh Kim, born in 1949 in Thai Binh province, joined the Democratic Party of Vietnam in March 2006. He was assigned to lead this organisation in Thai Binh, and subsequently received instructions from Nguyen Si Binh, who heads a radical organisation called the People’s Action Party, to carry out anti-State activities inside Vietnam.

Kim also joined Bloc 8406 – a radical group led by Nguyen Van Ly – and became a member of the executive board of the bloc, in charge of activities in the north. He and some associates planned to establish an office to rally opponents of the Vietnamese state, with the collaboration of radical organisations in exile.

Radio Voice Of Vietnam - july 7, 2009