BSA supports its member enterprises in copyright issues, so Bkis and Lac Viet's products will be protected in the country and worldwide, said Dao Anh Tuan, BSA's chief representative in Vietnam. The admission also helps the two companies develop on the global market.

Tuan noted that BSA only admitted potential enterprises with strong brands and widely used products.

The recognition also marks an important step in Vietnam's efforts to raise awareness on software copyrights and intellectual properties.

Vietnam still witnesses a high number of copyright violations that hurt the development of software makers and the economy, said Bkis general director Nguyen Tu Quang. If 20 percent of five million users in Vietnam pay copyright fees' for the Bkis anti-virus software, Bkis would earn $20 million more each year, he said.

Bkis and Lac Viet will participate in BSA activities in the country and advise the government on a software copyright protection strategy. BSA will provide anti-pirate investigation training for inspectors of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The Saigon Times Daily - August 14, 2009