However, a large number of employees in foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) have not yet snapped opportunities that FIEs generate.

According to PhD.Nguyen Quang Hong, National Economics University, in fact FIEs have just developed the low-cost labour source but has not yet done much in transferring technologies and training human resources to develop domestic industry.

Hong cited the result of a recent survey conducted by Vietnam Development Forum (VDF) for over 100 electronic businesses showing that the number of employees having college degrees or higher accounts for 10 – 64 percent of total labourers in domestic companies while this figure in FIEs is only 4 - 10 percent.

A recent report by the research group from the HCM City Economics Institute, now known as the Development and Research Institute, showed that labourers without technical skills in HCM City by 2010 will account for some 65.6 percent; labourers with technical skills including those having college and university degrees make up only 34.4 percent. Thus, the urgent issue is promoting technical skills for Vietnamese labourers to learn technologies from FIEs.

That a number of skilful labourers switch from FIEs to domestic companies is also considered an important channel to learn new technologies. However, in fact, over 30 percent of interviewed FIEs said that most of labourers shift from one FIE to another FIE, over 20 percent of interviewed FIEs responded that those who leave from FIEs to open their own business and only nearly 20 percent of interviewed FIEs said that labourers shift from FIEs to domestic businesses.

What should be done to access and learn technologies from FIEs? Hong said that "it is necessary to promote capacity of human resources, train labourers based on demand of business and market. Accordingly, it is required to expand the scope of training, promote forecast for the labour market, build and regulate knowledge and occupational standards, reform financial management, enhance socialisation, empower self-decision to training bases so that they can cooperate with businesses."

Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam - August 21, 2009