Despite being backward in general competitiveness criteria, according to WEF's evaluation, Vietnam was ranked at high place in term of creativeness. Among 133 economies, Vietnam was ranked 44. In details, for criteria of creative capacity, Vietnam stood at 33rd with mark 3.7/7; quality of research institutes at 64th with mark 3.7; enterprises' fees for research and development (R&D) at 27th with mark 3.8; cooperation with university in R&D works at 59 with mark 3.5 and available resources of engineers and scientists at 62nd with mark 4.2.

Especially the consumption index of the country's government for modern, high-tech products was ranked 11th with mark 4.5, above China and South Korea. As for readiness index for technologies, Vietnam was ranked at 73rd, in which the criteria for new technologies availability of 81st with mark 4.5; average technological qualification of enterprises of 51st with mark 5.1; ICT-concerning laws of 70th with mark 3.8/4; foreign direct investment and transferring technologies of 48th with mark 5.

Vietnam's density of using cell phones was 79.1 over 100 people, estimated density of Internet-users of 20.5 per 100 people; average amount of personal computers of 9.5 over 100 people and density of wide-band Internet users of 1.5 over 100 people.

Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam - September 10, 2009