This is the third consecutive year, Legatum announced "Prosperity Index" ranking board of 104 countries, accounting for 90 percent of the population in the world. The ranking is based on the definition that prosperity is a combination of economic development to happiness measure and quality of life.

According Prosperity Index 2009, Finland is the most prosperous country in the world after ranking the third in the ranking last year. Besides Finland, the Nordic region also has three other countries standing in the top five namely Sweden (3), Denmark (4) and Norway (5). Swiss Federal located in Central Europe ranks the second position.

"Legatum Prosperity Index is the unique global assessment of prosperity and happiness. Once again, we see that Europe is a regional concentration of the most prosperous countries in the world, thanks to the impressive combination between economic development and quality of life better," said William Inboden, vice president of the Legatum Institute.

The US was ranked at the 9th in the ranking board, while the UK stands at No 12, before Germany (14) and France (17).

Vietnam this year was ranked the 77th, up 3 level compared to last year, and behind China and Kazakhstan. Three countries standing at the bottom of the ranking were Yemen (102), Sudan (103) and Zimbabwe (104).

Top ten most prosperity countries in the world:

1. Finland

2. Switzerland

3. Sweden

4. Denmark

5. Norway

6. Australia

7. Canada

8. Netherlands

9. The US

10. New Zealand

Thoi Bao Kinh Te Vietnam - October 27, 2009