The report from the climate and development organisation Germanwatch was released on December 8 at a workshop on the sidelines of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen , Denmark.

In Vietnam, on yearly average, natural disasters claim the lives of more than 450 people and cause the loss of over some $1.5 billion.

Germanwatch ranked Bangladesh at top of the index with natural disasters claiming 8,241 lives and damaging property worth $2.18 billion a year on average.

Other countries are namely Myanmar, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, India, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and China, the news agency said.

Some 600,000 deaths and about $1,700 economic loss are direct consequences from more than 11,000 extreme weather events in these countries in the period, Germanwatch said.

The report also revealed that four developed countries namely Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States, respectively, are on the top 20 list of countries worst affected by extreme weather.

"Weather extremes are an increasing threat for lives and economic values across the world, and their impacts will likely grow larger in the future due to climate change. Our analyses show that in particular poor countries are severely affected," Sven Harmeling, author of the report, remarked.

Meanwhile, Christoph Bals, Political director at Germanwatch, pointed out that it is first and foremost the duty of industrialised countries to carry out an adaptation framework for the most vulnerable developing countries.

The report analyses the impacts of weather-related events - mainly storms, floods and heat-waves - for all countries currently negotiating in Copenhagen.

Bernama - December 11, 2009