Deputy Foreign Minister Doan Xuan Hung told reporters on Tuesday that priorities would be given to food security, agriculture, trade, investment and human resource development.

The host Vietnam and African countries are also expected to sign a number of important documents related to immigration procedures and cooperation in economics, culture, science and technology.

Hung said the workshop, entitled "Vietnam-Africa: cooperation for mutual sustainable development", would provide a forum for partners to develop a mechanism for regular dialogue and discuss measures for a huge leap forward in key sectors such as agriculture, mining, trade, expert and labour cooperation, infrastructure construction and human resource development.

On the sidelines of the workshop, international delegates will meet leaders of the host Vietnam, visit an exhibition of Vietnamese exports and visit manufacturers of products which the African continent is interested in importing.

They include food and foodstuffs, tractors, electric appliances and apparel.

The organising board has so far received participation confirmation from 41 foreign delegations.

The workshop is to take place at a point when the host country is to wrap up a national programme of action to enhance Vietnam-Africa cooperation in the 2004-2010 period.

Bernama - August 4, 2010