“This has been spoken about for some time and it has taken a while to finalise details,” said club president Chris Paget.

“But now it is happening and as it is a massive step forward for the club we also have to step up and commit to all of the games in the League,” Paget said.

Joining the league means that the Geckos will make three trips to Phnom Penh between now and April 9, and host three games in Saigon, plus a final at the end.

There are four teams in the league including the Saigon Geckos and three Cambodian teams: Stade Khmer, Garudas and Sisowath Knights. The games are 15 per side with two 40 minute halves.

One of the Gecko’s players Tom Percasky said, “We are definitely confident of making the final as we are taking over a strong squad.”

The CFR (Cambodian Federation of Rugby) was created in 2000 to unify the rugby efforts in Cambodia and gain recognition and membership in the ARFU (Asian Rugby Football Union). The Federation has played a huge part in developing the sport in Asia and has over 3000 members since it began.

The Saigon Rugby Football club was formed in 1992 and trains regularly at RMIT in District 7 in both touch and contact formats.

By Michael Smith - The Saigon Times - February 15, 2011