They sent back $1 billion worth of inward remittance to the country in the first six months of this year, said the department.

The agency forecasts there would be about $10 billion of overseas remittances to be transferred to the country by overseas labourers in 2011-2015.

Though the total amount of money sent home by Vietnamese workers are still small compared to that in some other countries which is even higher than the foreign direct investment (FDI) capital, international aids and higher than the export turnover of some key items, it has help significantly improve the poverty and promote investments, said the department's spokesperson.

The country has sent over 60,530 Vietnamese labourers to other countries this year. Most of who are working in Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia with 23,673 workers, 14,134 workers and 6,664 workers respectively.

South Korea is increasingly worried about the rising number of Vietnamese workers absconding after completing their labour contracts or never turning up at their official work place in order to illegally live in the country, said newswire Dtinews.

South Korea's Ministry of Labour and Employment said that 8,780 out of over 60,000 Vietnamese workers in South Korea were illegally residing in the country.

South Korea had reported an increasing number of Vietnamese workers who disappear immediately after entering the country. As many as 25 Vietnamese workers disappeared after arriving in South Korea since the beginning of this year.

Tuoi Tre - September 12, 2011