The taxi driver charged them 40 times the normal fee and even stole their cell phone.

According to victims Chen Ang Dani and Than Sha Pen, the driver forced them to pay VND6 million (S$362.85) for a 10km ride which should have cost only VND150,000.

The victims told police that the incident occurred on October 28 when they took a taxi.

The taxi allegedly has a license plate number of BKS 30K-6476 and purportedly belongs to Phu Gia Group, according to VnExpress newswire.

They were driven from Phan Boi Chau Street to Hanoi's National Conference Centre and eventually had to pay $200 (S$253.74) and S$100.

The men said that after arguing with the driver over the prices, they left behind an iPhone 4 which could not be found.

Hanoi police yesterday announced that they have identified the taxi driver and are hunting for him.

The 80th Interpol general Assembly started in Hanoi on October 31 and is expected to end on November 3.

Asia One - November 2, 2011