Raised in Paris, France, Nguyen Le has become famous for his fusion of jazz, electronic music and traditional Vietnamese instrumentation.

His first professional appearance in Vietnam came back in 2004, in his hometown of Hanoi.

Nguyen Le, who both plays and composes music, began with the drums at 15, soon moving on to the guitar, which would become the great passion of his life.

Le won prestigious awards at an early age for promoting French jazz. But his musical road took an unexpected turn when Professor Tran Van Khe, a renown scholar of traditional Vietnamese music, made a prophetic suggestion: "Why don't you try combining electronic music with traditional Vietnamese music?"

He later said that since his parents were Hanoian, when he was a child, his mother sang folk songs to him as lullabies.

"I was embarrassed because I could not speak Vietnamese. So I wanted focus on traditional Vietnamese music in order to find myself, my roots," Nguyen Le said

Local famous singers, including My Linh and Tung Duong will join Le for his “Motherland” concerts.

Thanh Nien News - December 24, 2011