According to the announcement posted on the agency's website, the US-based VORYS law office, which represents the US manufacturers, on December 29 filed dossiers to call on the US Department of Commerce, and the US International Trade Commission, to conduct anti-dumping and anti-subsidy inspections into steel wire garment hangers imported from Vietnam.

The US manufacturers charged the Vietnamese hangers coded HS 7326.20.0020 and 7323.99.9080 imported to the US with having the dumping margins range between 82.87 percent and 159.20 percent.

They also demanded federal investigations into products imported from Taiwan for the alleged dumping margins of 57.01 to 166.19 percent.

Figures from the US authorities show that China, Vietnam, and Mexico are the top three exporters of the hanger coded HS 7326.20.0020 into the US.

The US Department of Commerce will have the final decision on whether to file lawsuits against Vietnamese exporters within the next 20 days.

According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, last year the US also conducted inspection on tax evasion in steel wire garment hanger imported from Vietnam.

This is the third time Vietnamese exports are challenged by anti-dumping and anti-subsidy lawsuits in the US, the Saigon Times Online reported.

Earlier on November 15, four American manufacturers asked the US Department for Commerce to conduct anti-dumping inspections on steel pipes imported from Vietnam, India, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

In May 2010, the US imposed anti-subsidy taxes of 5.28 to 52.56 percent, and anti-dumping tariffs of 52.3 to 76.11 percent on PE bags imported from Vietnam.

This has raised concerns in industry insiders on many possible trade remedies lawsuits local exporters may face in the future.

Tuoi Tre - January 3, 2012