The objectives from the proposal include growing the area's quantity of exports rich in-added value, and creating companies that will offer non-agriculture employment for local citizens.

The programme also aims to safeguard the atmosphere and minimise the results triggered by global warming.

Underneath the proposal, firms that purchase regions of focal points in the area would receive credit support and tax relief.

Included in this are companies involved with processing agriculture and marine items delivering services for businesses and professional training, technology transfer, silo construction and tourism development.

Preferential credit guidelines for businesses could be offered under many forms, with low or zero rates of interest, with a suitable sophistication period and straightforward qualifications needs.

Businesses taking part either completely or partially within the delta would be either exempt from taxes or have lower taxes. Fast depreciation rates may also be allowed.

The programme also encourages the establishing of models specialising in way to obtain services, especially individuals associated with the supply of economic information, legal consultation, partner discovery, trade promotion and technology transfer.

Furthermore, the federal government really wants to improve the standard of vocational training models, and provide a stimulus to companies to determine non-condition vocational training institutions and apply new technology to production activities.

After you have approval through the government, the programme would make use of all available assets to stay probably the most urgent problems facing the introduction of the region's major items.

Particularly, grain cultivation areas in the area could be changed to make sure sufficient supplies for domestic and export demand.

The project also intends to make changes to current land-cultivation allocation to produce possibilities to build up fisheries and agriculture production on the large-scale as well as in a sustainable manner.

Places is going to be needed to re-plan areas specialising in growing fruit trees in line with the talents of every locality, and make conditions for maqui berry farmers to handle technology transfer to make sure product quality and food safety.

Another essential feature from the plan's the introduction of infrastructure in the area.

The goal would be to enhance the road systems within the delta region, with priority provided to streets that link provinces and metropolitan areas within the key economic zone along with other places and seaports.

The neighbourhood waterway and port systems would be also upgraded with investment focal points provided to construction of the passage on Hau River, growth and development of Can Tho Port right into a trade centre for that delta region, and also the altering of Can Tho Airport terminal into an airport terminal.

For that commercial area, the programme requires creating land and capital conditions for projects involved with construction of storehouses employed for agriculture and marine items, and the introduction of wholesale and border marketplaces. - March 26, 2012