In March alone, enterprises have exported 600,000 tonnes of rice for $315 million, bringing total volume to 1.3 million tonnes worth $681 million. Indonesia remains being the largest consumer of Vietnamese rice industry.

However, Q1 rice export still fell 32.1 percent in volume and 29.5 percent in value against the first three months of 2011 despite rice export price rose 2.8 percent to $250 per tonne.

Competitive pressure from Thailand is going down but Vietnam still has facing other rice rivals from India, Myanmar and Pakistan because our rice price is higher than these nations.

2011 was seen as the robust year of rice export with the record of 7.2 million tonnes being shipped for $3.7 billion.

In Jan-March, coffee export of Vietnam gained 504,000 tonnes worth almost one billion US dollar, plunging 11.9 percent and 14.3 percent respectively. European debt crisis is one of reasons leading to a reduction in the world's coffee consumption. Global coffee export price now has increased by 2.3 percent year-on-year to $2,093 per tonne.

Vietnam's rubber export in Q1 is estimated to reap 40.6 percent in volume and decline 9.9 percent in value on year to 228,000 tonnes and 640 million dong (due to sharp fall in export price of this commodity).

Tea and cashew are two of few export commodities up in volume and value. Compared with Q1 of 2011, tea export of Vietnam increased 14.5 percent and 16.9 percent to 29,000 tonnes and $41 million and cashew export rose 6.6 percent and 8.5 percent slightly to 31,000 tonnes and $222 million in Jan-March this year.

Also, the Q1 seafood export still surged 9.1 percent on year despite many difficulties in European markets. Vietnam's seafood export to Japan soared 22.9 percent, South Korea +23.8 percent, and Mexico +65.9 percent.

General Statistic Office (GSO) estimated, total production value of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Q1 gained over 50.370 trillion dong, +3.68 percent against the year earlier. In which, the agricultural production value accounted for 37.695 trillion dong, +3.23 percent, forestry 1.584 trillion dong, +6.14 percent, and seafood 11.091 trillion dong, +4.9 percent. - March 30, 2012