For total mobile-phone deliveries, growth this past year was 13.6 percent quarter-on-quarter.

With suppliers ongoing to provide more low-cost mobile phones this season, smartphone deliveries are required to keep an upward trajectory with double-digit growth forecasted this year.

Android mobile phones increased 53 percent because of strong performances from Samsung and The new sony Ericsson in the finish of 2011.

On the full-year basis, the neighbourhood mobile-phone market has loved 21 percent growth year-on-year. However, local suppliers battled to keep their share of the market against more powerful worldwide brands this year.

The majority of the local suppliers released low-cost and dual-SIM feature phones to compete on the market, however the cost advantage wasn't sufficient to counterbalance the bigger gap in brand equity.

Nokia leads mobile-phone suppliers on the market having a restored concentrate on the low-finish phone segment. It could capture share of the market for the reason that segment at the fee for local suppliers.

Dztimes - April 7, 2012