He told Fidel that in every Vietnamese person's heart, Fidel remains a noble figure of an indomitable fighter who has tirelessly struggled for the independence and freedom of Cuba and other oppressed nations around the world.

"You're a great friend, a brother and a comrade in arms of the Vietnamese people," said Trong.

He briefed Fidel of the results of his talks with Cuban President Raul Castro and the current situation in Viet Nam.

Trong told Fidel that the Vietnamese Party, Government and people would do everything to raise the special, loyal and pure solidarity and friendship, mutual understanding and comprehensive co-operation between the two nations to a higher level.

Trong also conveyed regards from Vietnamese party and government leaders to Fidel.

Fidel spoke highly of the visit to Cuba by Nguyen Phu Trong and expressed his admiration for the achievements that Viet Nam has gained.

"Your speech at the Nico Lopez Party School is of great value to us," said Fidel.

He thanked Vietnamese people for their selfless support, solidarity and co-operation with the Cuban people.

Trong and Fidel agreed on the importance of educating young people on the traditional revolution of the two countries and the imperative to preserve and enhance the friendships, solidarity and loyalty between the two nations.

During their meeting, the two leaders also discussed and exchanged their ideas on regional and international issues of mutual concern.

The Vietnamese delegation led by Trong left for home on the same day concluding their successful visit to Cuba.

Vietnam News - April 14, 2012

Fidel Castro meets with vietnamese party leader

Havana - The Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong and Cuban historical leader Fidel Castro held a cordial and friendly meeting that lasted for almost two hours, on Thursday.

The two leaders met just before an interview scheduled for the Vietnamese official with Granma newspaper. “If we’ve had more time, he’d have keep on talking,” Nguyen Phu Trong told Granma about his meeting with Fidel.

He said he found the Cuban historical leader healthier, as compared with their first encounter in 2010, and that the meeting was very cordial and interesting, without following any protocols, “like two brothers living in the same house.” He added that Fidel held his hands for a few minutes and said he was happy for receiving him.

Nguyen Phu Trong said the Vietnamese people feel deep respect for Fidel and his people and noted that as they talked he realized how much there is to reflect on. He said Fidel spoke not only about politics, but also about science and technology and that he thoughts were very straoghtforward.

The visitor said that when he arrived at Fidel’s home, he saw a document on the table containing the lecture he had previously given at the Ñico Lopez Communist Party School, which the Cuban leader described as very thoughtful and stimulating and mentioned certain guidelines that coincide with certain policies implemented in Vietnam.

Fidel told Nguyen Phu Trong he had followed his visit closely through the media and asked him how he had felt and about his tour of Pinar del Rio.

The Cuban leader was interested in learning details about Vietnam’s agricultural development. He also wanted to know about the Vietnamese’s tour of Latin American countries; and, to his surprise, Fidel asked him where he would be on the day of his birthday, on April 14.

Nguyen Phu Trong noted Fidel was very well informed and that his thoughts are very reasoned and grounded on logical and scientific arguments.

Agencia Cubana de Noticias - April 13, 2012