Experts at the seminar said the country has for the last 15 years been seeing the great potential in developing Internet marketing.

Vietnam is ranked among the countries to have the highest number of internet users--more than 31 million people.

On the current development path, many enterprises recognize the benefits of Internet marketing but have not fully exploited this technology to promote and sell their products.

Companies in Europe and the US spend at least 20 percent of their budget on internet marketing and developing countries in Asia spend around 16 percent --while Vietnam only spend a paltry 1 percent.

To Hoai Nam from Vietnam Small and Medium Enterprises Association, said small and medium enterprises have not really assessed the good features of Internet marketing.

For this purpose, the Ministry and the Association of Internet should find measures to orient and guide enterprises to apply Internet marketing effectively and to their advantage in businesses.

By T. Binh - Saigon Giai Phong - November 29, 2012