Specifically, the National Assembly will conduct the vote of confidence for the NA Chair and Vice Chairs, the Chair of the National Council for Ethnic Groups, Chairs of the NA’s specialized committees; the President, Vice Presidents; the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and other members of the Government; the Chief Justice of the Peoples Supreme Court; Head of the Peoples Supreme Procuracy. A total of 49 top leaders of the state will be the subjects of the first vote of confidence.

According to the agenda of the upcoming NA session, the vote of confidence will be implemented in half of a day. As the vote consists of various steps, its contents will be arranged alternately with the other contents of the session.

Under the resolution on process of the vote of confidence, which was passed by the NA recently, the NA Standing Committee will submit reports of the officials who are the subject of the vote and opinions of the voters related to the officials to NA deputies within 20 days before the opening of the NA session.

At least 10 days before the NA conducts the vote of confidence, NA deputies can send their questions in written to the officials, asking the to further clarify the contents that are the basis for evaluating the creditworthiness. The officials who are the subject of the vote of confidence are responsible to answer in written before the vote of confidence.

The NA will get the vote of confidence by secret ballot, with three levels: "high trust," "trust," "low confidence."

Results of the vote will be publicly available soon.

In addition to this content, the NA is expected to consider nine bills, make comments for the 2nd time on the draft amendments to the Constitution and eight other bills. These tasks will be implemented in 15 days.

2.5 days is a fixed amount of time for the questioning session, 2 days for the consideration of the socio-economic report of the first half of 2013, one day for monitoring report on the use of capital raised from the Government bonds for investment for capital construction in 2006-2012.

The fifth NA session is expected to open on May 20.

VietNamNet Bridge - December 12, 2012