The violators include EBEST Mall, under Thien Thuan Tuong Ltd. Co., Long Binh Ltd. Co., Le Chan Tin Ltd. Co. and T.N.B Informatics Telecommunication Service Trade Co., Ltd in HCM City and Tien Tien Trading Ltd. Company’s Avi Shop in Hanoi.

Computers with Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus brands at these companies have been found to be installed with software without copyright, such as Windows 7 Ultimate, Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, Office professional Plus 2010, Office Enterprise 2007 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007.

Vietnam has been known for software copyright infringement because of a general disregard for intellectual property right regulations and a lack of the awareness of unsuspecting users.

Mr. Dao Anh Tuan, an expert from the Business Software Alliance Vietnam, said, “Using illegal software can cause computers to be infected with viruses. Recent research has shown that 100% of computers installed with unlicensed operation systems poses a security risk. Much illegal software contains malware that could compromise users' information.

He also warned that enterprises using illegal software could be fined. After joining WTO, Vietnam adopted a free fair trade policy. The U.S. has approved a law that would disallow many imports from countries who do not abide by internationally recognised copyright rules.

By Khoi Linh - Dan Tri News - December 17, 2012