The conferences will be themed on a variety of fields from cosmology to nanophysics, with the participation of scientists from more than 30 countries around the world, news website VnExpress quoted Prof. Tran Thanh Van as saying.

He said the activities are part of an event that his association, Rencontres du Vietnam, is organizing in Quy Nhon Town between July 28 and August 17.

The event, also named Rencontres du Vietnam, will be the ninth of its kind since the association was founded 20 years ago to develop a network of international cooperation for scientific research.

It said the upcoming event also commemorates the 40th anniversary of Vietnam – France ties, and the launch of the International Center of Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE), where the association has constructed various buildings for study and research activities.

The attending Nobel Prize winners are physicists Carlo Rubbia, David Gross, Georges Smoot, Jack Steinberger, Jerome Friedman, Rolf Heuer, and Sheldon Glashow.

Thanh Nien News - August 1st, 2013