Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Bac Son, who said this at a meeting in Hanoi Monday, added that his ministry is working on a media master plan for the period until 2020, which would be submitted to the Politburo for approval next month.

There are 838 media agencies, including 199 printed newspapers and 67 TV and radio agencies in the country. Son had told a National Assembly session last November that a number of them fail to meet quality criteria, publishing false or fabricated reports and evoking public criticism.

The government has instructed the ministry to close down "weak" ones. According to the ministry, the media master plan is aimed at achieving a breakthrough in press activities by improving the quality of news outlets to help fulfill societal demands.

It envisages all media agencies to be self-financing by 2020, and online newspapers to dominate the market.

By Truong Son - Thanh Nien News - March 11, 2014