According to the plan, the Ministry of Education and Training will coordinate with relevant agencies to assist the investor in preparing the project in accordance with regulations on international education cooperation.

The school will be backed by Japan’s Waseda Health Sciences Education Corporation at an estimated startup cost of more than US$19 million. It is slated to enroll its first students two years after a foreign investment license is issued, VTC News reported.

The school’s education will focus on nursing and physiotherapy. In the coming years, the university will expand training to other majors including functional rehabilitation and clinical sciences.

The university will include an auditorium, research center, and indoor and outdoor sport complexes. Design, construction, and supervision of the project will be conducted by international contractors.

After four years of operation, the school is expected to have 80 lecturers teaching 1,200 students.

Thanh Nien News - July 31, 2014