On the global level, the average salary is about $19,188 per year. In Vietnam, the average wage of workers is more than VND45 million ($2,112) per year, equivalent to about 27% of the world average.

The report also shows that workers in some developed countries such as the US, South Korea and Germany are entitled to significantly higher preferential treatment than the rest of the world.

The average wage in the US is $42,966 per year. In South Korea and Germany, the figure is $40,791 and $38,910, respectively.

Compared with Southeast Asian countries, the average salary of Vietnam ranks 6th, after Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Singapore led the region with yearly average salary of $44,352.55. This is in the first group of the world, and higher than the total of average salary of the remaining 10 countries in the region.

With average salary of $2,112 per year, the yearly income of a Vietnamese is equivalent to 0.03% of the average salary of a CEO in America. This figure is double the income of a teacher in Ethiopia, but only equivalent to 78% of the salary of cleaners in Thailand.

However, it should be emphasized that the average wage of workers in Thailand is $4,421 per year, double that of Vietnam.

By Thu Ly - VietNamNet Bridge - February 23, 2015