This weekend's US visit by Vietnam's parliamentary chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung reflects the deepening political ties between these two former enemies over the last decade. Ordinary Vietnamese summarise how 10 years of reciprocal summits are transforming their perceptions of their old enemy.

Hoang Thi Lieu, 21, tour company employee, from Hai Duong Province

"Since Vietnam normalised relations with the US, many more Americans are visiting and working in Vietnam. I work in tourism, and I like American tourists a lot. Most of them are really polite and interested in our country. Some even come here to express their regrets over the Vietnam War, so they try to be extra nice towards us. We have a lot to learn from Americans."

Nguyen Vien, 66, writer, from Ho Chi Minh City

"For me, American culture is primarily about jeans. They are comfortable, cool and versatile. I wear jeans most of the time. Americans have also taught us how to be practical. So I no longer dwell on things, I look to the future. And now, when I meet my friends for coffee in the morning, we split the bill instead of one person paying for it all. Very American, I think... "

Nguyen Thuy Duong, 45, businesswoman, in Ho Chi Minh City

"Since it first opened in Vietnam, KFC became my childrens' favourite. My son, now 13, would pick it over Vietnamese cuisine any day. He likes it, not just because the food is tasty but also because he can play in the restaurant play area and collect stickers. I try to limit it to one visit per week and as a treat for my children."

Le Hoang Giang, 67, former police officer, in Hanoi

"I think Vietnam's new policy of opening up and befriending other countries especially the US is very wise. We used to think capitalist societies were morally empty but America is actually a great civilization with a great culture. Having such a powerful ally is a good thing."

Vu Thi Kieu Oanh, 22, shop assistant, from Quang Ninh Province

"I love Hollywood movies. I watch so many. I have many idols among US movie stars, especially Angelina Jolie. She is so beautiful. I actually want to marry an American man!"

By Nga Pham - BBC News - September 4, 2015