It takes a motorbike and some SERIOUS guts to explore this abandoned waterpark-slash-aquarium outside the town of Hue. Here, live crocodiles have mingled among abandoned waterslides, half-full aquarium tanks and a massive dragon structure whose interior looks vaguely like the set of a horror film.

Little is known about the former waterpark. We contacted two accredited agencies that specialize in travel to Southeast Asia Hidden Treasure Tours in NYC and ICS Travel Group in San Francisco and neither had heard of the place. However, Nguyen Bao Ky, a Vietnamese tourism director for the town of Hue, confirmed the park is indeed located in the lake near Thien An Hill, a spot popular with tourists for its charming nature treks and tranquil monastery.

Because the abandoned waterpark is so cryptic, backpackers pass directions around on scrunched-up napkins, drop pins on Google Maps and show each other photos to get to the right place.

And once inside, it's "spooky as hell, but surreal," visitor Nassim Ait-Kaci told HuffPost. He's one of many backpackers we spoke with who found the park through word-of-mouth directions and explored its vast, eerie interior.

"You can ride your motorbike right up to the front gate, and inside," visitor Ryan McGrath said. "There's this thought of, 'Why is nobody around?'"

Most visitors report a totally empty park, with few locals either roaming around or selling drinks near the dragon. Backpacker Courtney Lambert wrote on her blog that the crocodiles have been removed in recent months. If the past is any indication, there's no question the park itself will remain dormant for long, long time.

By Suzy Strutner - The Huffington Post - January 4, 2016

Abandoned, spooky waterpark in central Vietnam may see a facelift soon

Authority in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue has ordered its agencies to come up with plans to restore a waterpark that has been abandoned and left decaying for around four years, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported on Friday.

The move came a few days after the Huffington Post published a story describing Ho Thuy Tien near Thien An Hill, about 10 kilometers from Hue, as an emerging destination among foreign tourists who love seeking out abandoned places.

Backpackers have been visiting the "cryptic" park with word-of-mouth directions to explore its "vast, eerie interior" -- live crocodiles mingling among mold-covered waterslides, half-full aquarium tanks, and massive dragon structure with horror film set-like interior, according to the website.

Visitors were quoted as describing the park's empty inside as "spooky as hell."

The 63.38-hectare park was built in the early 2000s and opened in 2006, partly finished. Its investor Haco Hue Company shut it down in 2011, Tuoi Tre reported.

The investor once attempted to revive the project in October 2014, but could never do it because of financial difficulties. It has sought help from local authorities to find new investors to acquire the project.

Haco Hue reportedly owes VDN38 billion (US$1.67 million) to creditors and another VND8 billion ($351,000) of land rental to the province, according to the newspaper.

Thanh Nien News - January 10, 2016