Under the decree, foreign organizations and individuals conducting research in the country’s waters must be authorized by competent agencies.

The time to conduct the research will be no more than two years and can be extended once for a maximum period of one year.

Of note, licenses will not be granted in eight cases. Specifically, the first case in which authorization will be refused is when research is conducted without the purpose of peace, can affect the country’s sovereignty, national defense activities and security, and violates Vietnam’s laws.

The second case is when the organization or individual affects Vietnam’s investigation, research, exploitation and use of natural resources in the country’s waters.

The third case is when dynamites, poisonous chemicals and tools, which can harm people and the natural resources of Vietnam, are used.

Research which requires construction on the sea will also be banned.

Research documents with unclear or incorrect information on the project will not be authorized.

The sixth case is when a party was licensed to conduct research but did not conduct it or began conducting the research but did not complete it.

The seventh banned case involves drilling on the sea bed.

The last case which will be banned involves organizations and individuals not joining hands with Vietnam in research projects on the sea bed when the country requires assistance.

Vietnam News - June 29 2016