Initiated in 2014, the fashion week has been held annually in Ho Chi Minh City. As of this year, the event will be organised in Ho Chi Minh City for the Spring-Summer season and in Hanoi for the Autumn-Winter season.

The event will offer an opportunity for domestic fashion designers and brands to be updated on and learn more about the latest trends of international fashion.

A variety of international-level fashion shows put on by well-known designers in Vietnam and abroad, entertainment activities and seminars on the world’s fashion trends are expected to delight Hanoi audiences.

During previous seasons, audiences were impressed by collections of domestic designers such as Cong Tri, Phuong My, Thuy Nguyen, Le Thanh Hoa, Adrian Anh Tuan, as well as renowned international names including Japanese legend Kenzo Takada, Japanese wedding-dress queen Yumi Katsura, Renato Balestra from Italy and talented French designer Julien Fournie.

With continuous creations and innovations, the Vietnam International Fashion Week has been a great success, attracting the attention of not only domestic media but also big magazines and channels such as Fashion One, BBC, Vogue, Fox Channel Asia and StarWorld Asia.

The Fall-Winter Week in Hanoi is expected to bring new opportunities for the development of the Vietnamese fashion industry, particularly in Hanoi, over the coming time.

Nhan Dan - August 22, 2016