Local media reported beer clubs are now a booming business in many large cities.

Beer clubs appeared first in Ho Chi Minh City three years ago, providing food and drink alongside music, professional DJs, and performances by so-called ‘promotional girls’.

The concept quickly spread to other major cities such as Hanoi and Vung Tau. In Hanoi alone, there is already hundreds of beer clubs.

Ba Ria-Vung Tau province’s Vung Tau City vice chairwoman, Nguyen Thi Bach Ngan, was quoted saying the city encouraged the clubs as they are popular with visitors.

“However, the city found it hard to control this area of business as there is a shortage of legal documentation and specific regulations,” she said.

The provincial People’s Committee vice chairman, Dang Minh Thong, affirmed that this model of entertainment service should be encouraged in cities to attract tourists.

Currently, there are about 18 beer clubs, bars and discos in the province, 12 of which are located in Vung Tau City, the report said.

Many bars have switched to the beer club model because there is a lack of specific regulations, but they are also more popular with patrons and more profitable for their owners.

For January and February, the country welcomed 2,206,659 international travellers increasing 33.0%.

By Wanwisa Ngamsangchaikit - TTR Weekly - March 8, 2017