According to the WTO filing, Vietnam is seeking consultations with the US government about certain American anti-dumping regulations, practices and determinations in administrative reviews on fish fillet from Vietnam.

Vietnam has accused the US of improper use of zeroing methodology that results in a higher level of anti-dumping duties on foreign producers, as well as other practices inconsistent with WTO.

Vietnam has also voiced concern that the US has broken rules on dispute settlement while turning down Vietnamese exporters’ request for a revocation of the anti-dumping measures, although they are eligible for such a revocation.

The request for consultation is the first mandatory step in WTO’s dispute settlement procedure.

The US will have 60 days to resolve the complaint, failing which Vietnam can request adjudication from WTO.

This is the fourth time Vietnam has initiated a dispute at WTO, after two previous complaints against the US’ anti-dumping measures on certain shrimps from Vietnam and one against Indonesia’s safeguards on certain Vietnamese steel products.

In 2017, Vietnam gained a year-on-year increase of 5.5 percent in total export value of tra catfish to 1.75 billion USD. China was the largest market for the export of Vietnamese tra fish products, while the US ranked second.

Vietnam News Agency - January 17, 2018