The incident happened late Sunday in the southern province when some youth entered the offices of the Long An Commune People's Committee after attending a nearby wedding and started making loud engine noises with their motorbikes.

After being scolded by the militia officer on duty, the group left and returned with about 20 people. They assaulted the officer, injuring him and two other people.

Nguyen Hoang Sang, deputy head of the commune's police department, intervened with a warning shot and brought the three injured people indoors, but the group continued their assault, forcing him to get the victims out through the backdoor while the assailants vandalized the headquarters of the local military unit.

The group scattered and fled upon the arrival of emergency police, and the victims were rushed to hospital. However, a number of assailants then came to the emergency room to continue attacking the victims, causing chaos at the hospital.

Police have arrested two of the assailants and are searching for the remaining ones.

By Vinh Nam - - January 1st, 2019