The private-public-partnership project was proposed by Bach Dang Complex Company with goals to preserve the railway as well as boosting local economic development. The project could cost over VND10trn (USD430.95m). Bach Dang Complex Company was asked to gather opinions from relevant agencies to complete and submit a pre-feasibility study report as soon as possible.

Locality authorities were asked to carry out research, consult the provincial people's committee and announce the project to the public to avoid encroachment on the old line’s route.

The 84km Dalat-Thap Cham railway was built by the French in 1908 and opened in 1928. It also connected to the main north-south railway at Thap Cham Station in Ninh Thuan Province's Phan Rang City. The track is unique as it has cogwheels that connect to the bottom of the train to provide traction when travelling on the hills, through Song Pha Mountain Pass which is 1,500 metres above sea level.

After 1975, the railway was severely damaged. The train was sold and many parts of the railway have been encroached upon. In 1991, a 7km section of the railway from Dalat Station to Trai Mat Station was restored for tourism.

One of the old stations along the railway, with combined European architecture with the communal house structure in the Central Highlands, is still intact despite some damage.

Dan Tri International News - January 18, 2019