Acting on a tip from locals, police in the southern province of Binh Duong last weekend found the cat carcasses in a bus coming from the northern province of Thai Binh.

The discovery was made when the bus stopped in Di An Town for gasoline.

The carcasses were stored in ice.

The bus driver said he had been hired to carry the seven boxes from Thai Binh to Binh Duong, but did not know what they contained.

Police said they suspect the cat meat was meant for local pubs. They confiscated the boxes and disposed off the meat. They said the driver will be investigated for "transporting goods of unknown origin."

Vietnam does not have laws related to killing, selling and eating cat and dog meat.

Recently, Hanoi authorities called on residents to stop eating cats and dogs, saying this practice is undermining the capital city’s image in the eyes of international tourists and expats.

The capital city has also announced plans to ban dog meat from 2021.

By Nguyet Trieu - - March 4, 2019