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lundi 11 mars 2019

55 days and counting: Wife of Australian man detained in Vietnam appeals for help

The wife of Van Kham Chau is calling on the Australian government to step up its pressure on Vietnam after her husband was detained on charges to overthrow the communist regime nearly eight weeks ago.

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vendredi 25 janvier 2019

Vietnam reportedly detains Aust activist

A pro-democracy group says Vietnam has detained Australian democracy activist Chau Van Kham who has not been heard from for two weeks and needs his medicine.

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jeudi 15 mars 2018

Vietnam an open and consistent partner for Australia

It is a truism of modern diplomatic summits that the significant action often happens on the sidelines.

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Vietnam and Australia deepen ties

Vietnam and Australia have officially ramped up diplomatic ties ahead of a special summit of South East Asian leaders.

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jeudi 7 septembre 2017

Sydney Vietnamese community flies flag despite Vietnamese Government criticism

Australia’s Vietnamese community wants Vietnam’s government to stop meddling as decades-old tensions flare over a cultural flag.

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dimanche 12 mars 2017

No Anzac Day ceremony at Vietnam's Long Tan memorial this year, DFAT says

Australia will not hold an Anzac Day ceremony at the Long Tan memorial site in Vietnam, after last year's 50th anniversary plans were cancelled at the last minute by the host government.

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samedi 21 janvier 2017

Jetstar backs Vietnam with extra Dreamliner flights

Vietnam could become as popular a tourist destination for Australians as Bali and Thailand, and budget carrier Jetstar is helping to drive this growth by adding new flights on Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

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samedi 14 janvier 2017

Vietnam to host first ever international tournament

When most people think of Vietnam the last thing that comes to mind is an international rugby tournament, but that’s exactly what’s happening this weekend.

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lundi 9 janvier 2017

Cirque du Vietnam shows a country in transition

Within millimetres of the pavement, myriad motorcycles roar past, beeping furiously.

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mardi 22 novembre 2016

A 73-year-old Aussie woman has had her death penalty reduced to life in Vietnam

AN appeals court in Vietnam has commuted the death sentence of a 73-year-old Australian woman convicted of heroin trafficking.

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lundi 22 août 2016

Vietnam protest over council flag request

A city council is under pressure from Vietnamese and Australian authorities not to fly a political flag.

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mercredi 17 août 2016

Long Tan : Vietnamese authorities cancel 50th anniversary commemoration event, DFAT says

Tomorrow's 50th anniversary Vietnam War commemoration event at the Long Tan cross site has been cancelled by Vietnamese authorities, the Department of Foreign Affairs says.

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lundi 1 août 2016

Vietnam : show rights commitment at Australia talks

Australia should press for significant and solid improvement during its 13th human rights dialogue with Vietnam, Human Rights Watch said today.

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lundi 18 juillet 2016

Exporters suspended from supplying Australian cattle to Vietnam

In a rare move, two exporters — as yet unnamed — have been suspended from supplying Australian cattle to Vietnam.

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jeudi 30 juin 2016

Vietnam court sentences Australian woman, 73, to death on heroin charges

A court in southern Vietnam has sentenced a 73-year-old Vietnam-born Australian woman to death for trafficking heroin hidden in bars of soap, several state-run media outlets reported on Thursday.

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samedi 4 juin 2016

Vietnam jails four asylum seekers returned by Australia

Human Rights Watch says action violates defendants’ right under international law to leave their own country

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mardi 3 novembre 2015

Qantas and Vietnam Airlines unveil big growth plans for Jetstar Pacific

Qantas and Vietnam Airlines have committed to a long-term expansion of their Jetstar Pacific joint venture that could more than double the size of the Vietnamese low-cost carrier's fleet to 30 over the next five years.

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jeudi 10 septembre 2015

Australian woman jailed for 20 years in Vietnam for smuggling heroin in underwear

An Australian woman of Vietnamese origin has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to smuggle heroin in her underwear, state media says.

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lundi 17 août 2015

Vietnam jails Australian man for trying to send drug precursor chemicals home

Nguyen Ly Toan, 39, gets 20 years after customs agents found contraband disguised as cooking ingredients in a package bound for his wife in Australia

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mardi 28 juillet 2015

PM coy on Vietnam asylum seekers return

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has refused to confirm whether a boat load of asylum seekers has been returned to Vietnam, saying that secrecy was in the national interest.

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mercredi 3 juin 2015

Cambodia refuses asylum to Montagnard refugees from Vietnam

Cambodia is refusing protection for almost 100 Montagnard asylum seekers fleeing persecution in Vietnam as four refugees travel from Nauru to the impoverished nation under a controversial $55.5 million agreement with Australia.

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mardi 21 avril 2015

Asylum seekers returned to Vietnam by Australian Navy had claims assessed at sea, UNHCR says

The United Nations refugee agency has revealed a group of Vietnamese asylum seekers had their claims assessed at sea before being returned home by the Australian Navy.

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samedi 18 avril 2015

Australian navy to hand 50 asylum seekers back to Vietnam

An Australian Navy ship carrying up to 50 Vietnamese asylum seekers is hours away from a southern port city in Vietnam where it is expected to hand detainees over to the Communist government.

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mercredi 18 mars 2015

Aust-Vietnam trade rising rapidly

Australia's bilateral relationship with Vietnam is fast eclipsing that of its traditional Southeast Asian partner, Thailand, according to a leading Asia Pacific analyst.

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mardi 17 mars 2015

Vietnam PM seeks Aust investment

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has sought foreign investment in the buying of bad debt from local banks, as the country seeks to whittle down bad loans in its banking system.

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samedi 14 mars 2015

Vietnam immigrants: War-torn exodus to a landing of grace

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Vietnamese diaspora in Australia and indeed, the title of Cat Thao Nguyen's memoir denotes a sense of reassuring finality, of landing confidently on safe soil but before such moments of grace, the reader is taken on an extraordinary tale of deprivation, torture and death, but also crucially of endurance: what Nguyen calls "the nimble impulses of survival".

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mardi 6 janvier 2015

Vietnam closes door on Australian fruit and vegetables

Vietnam has followed through on its intention to effectively ban imports of Australian fruit from 1 January, 2015.

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lundi 1 septembre 2014

Former Vietnam refugee Hieu Van Le set to be installed as governor of South Australia

A long-time friend of the man about to be installed as governor of South Australia thinks his mate would have found himself locked up in Australia's offshore detention facilities if he had tried to reach the country's shores in more recent times.

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samedi 26 juillet 2014

Human rights group wants Australia to press Vietnam on political prisoners, forced labour

Australia must press Vietnam on its jailing of political activists, curbs on free speech and use of forced labour in drug treatment centres, says Human Rights Watch, as officials from both countries prepare for human rights talks on July 28.

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lundi 17 mars 2014

Australia's buffalo industry resurrected by new trade with Vietnam

The buffalo industry in Australia's north has been resurrected thanks to the establishment of a live export trade with Vietnam.

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