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dimanche 25 mai 2014

3 Vietnamese injured as China continues assaults on Vietnam ships

Three members of the Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance Force were lightly wounded on Saturday after their ships were hit and sprayed with water cannons from Chinese vessels around Beijing’s oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981, illegally planted in Vietnam’s waters in the East Vietnam Sea since early this month.

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Vietnam won’t be pushed around by China

Vietnam may prove harder to push around than some of China’s other maritime neighbors in contested waters. Vietnamese and Chinese ships recently rammed each other and fired water cannons to contest China’s bringing in a giant oil rig off the barren sandspits called the Paracel Archipelago that both claim in the South China Sea. It was not the first such confrontation.

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samedi 24 mai 2014

Vietnam’s PM calls for end to anti-China protests

HANOI — Vietnam’s prime minister ordered an end Saturday to all “illegal protests” in the country after a week of violent demonstrations against China’s deployment of an oil rig in a disputed section of the South China Sea.

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Video shows Vietnam woman burns self to protest China’s oil rig

An elderly woman burnt herself to death early Friday morning at the entrance gate of Ho Chi Minh City Reunification Palace to protest China’s encroachment of Vietnamese waters in the East Vietnam Sea.

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mercredi 23 avril 2014

Vietnam returns migrants to China after deadly border clash

BEIJING — The Vietnamese authorities have returned to the Chinese government 11 Chinese migrants and the bodies of five others after members of the group were involved in a deadly clash with Vietnamese border guards last Friday, according to a Vietnamese news report.

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lundi 21 avril 2014

Vietnam detains 21 more migrants

HANOI—Vietnamese security forces intercepted 21 illegal migrants attempting to cross from China by sea just hours after a clash with another group of migrants left seven people dead, state media reported on Sunday.

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dimanche 20 avril 2014

Deadly clash reported on border of China and Vietnam

BEIJING — Five Chinese civilians and two Vietnamese border guards died Friday during a clash between Vietnamese border guards and Chinese citizens who were trying to enter Vietnam illegally, according to official Vietnamese news reports on Friday and Saturday.

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jeudi 27 mars 2014

Thousands of Chinese work without permits in Vietnam

Thousands of Chinese have been found working without a permit in Vietnam.

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vendredi 21 mars 2014

A budding alliance: Vietnam and the Philippines confront China

The Philippines and Vietnam are natural allies in their common territorial struggles against China. But they should leave Washington out of it.

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mercredi 26 février 2014

Vietnam’s epochal saga of beating back massive chinese invasion 1979

China’s impulsiveness to launch a militarily flawed massive invasion of Vietnam in1979 was impelled by a greater Chinese geopolitical blueprint of checkmating the perceived former Soviet Union’s strategic intrusiveness in South East Asia courtesy Vietnam, and also thereby ingratiating itself geopolitically with the United States that China was available to play the role of a quasi-strategic ally of the United States in the region to counterbalance the former Soviet Union.

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dimanche 16 février 2014

Vietnam deploys dancers to foil protests

HANOI — Anti-China protesters hoping to lay wreaths at a famous statue in the Vietnamese capital on Sunday were obstructed by an unusual sight of ballroom dancers and an energetic aerobics class held to a thumping sound system.

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lundi 10 février 2014

Vietnam dancing between US alliance and Chinese brotherhood

The last couple of years have witnessed growing animosity between China and the Philippines, while China's relations with Vietnam, another major claimant to the South China Sea islands, remain relatively peaceful.

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dimanche 26 janvier 2014

Hoa people in southern Vietnam prepare to celebrate Chinese spring festival

HO CHI MINH CITY - "My family of four generations living under the same roof has celebrated the traditional Chinese spring festival for years and we would like to preserve them as long as we can," 24-year-old Tran Hue Thanh told Xinhua a few days ahead of the biggest celebration of the year.

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China attempts to control Vietnam’s mineral industries

Government agencies and experts have warned that Chinese enterprises buy mining licenses to serve their plan to control the Vietnamese mineral industries.

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samedi 18 janvier 2014

In shift, Vietnam marks 1974 battle with China

HANOI - Vietnam is marking for the first time the anniversary of a 1974 naval battle with China in which 74 soldiers from US-backed South Vietnam were killed, apparently seeking to boost its legitimacy at home over its dealings with Beijing as tensions over disputed waters flare anew.

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samedi 11 janvier 2014

China sea rules to raise tensions with Vietnam

BEIJING—Enforcement of China's new regulation requiring foreign fishermen to obtain Beijing's consent before operating in the disputed South China Sea will focus on waters close to China that are also claimed by Vietnam, an official said, potentially setting China on a collision course with Hanoi.

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samedi 4 janvier 2014

Vietnam recalls cancer-causing Chinese fruit-head dolls

Most toys in the domestic market are smuggled from China via land borders, inspectors have found

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lundi 9 décembre 2013

Vietnam's trade deficit to China surges to near $20 bln

Chinese goods are flooding almost all small markets and even shopping centers across Vietnam, which import not only machinery and equipment from China, but also miscellaneous goods such as rubber bands, lucky envelopes, and erasers.

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samedi 7 décembre 2013

Vietnam, China meet on land border for 4th time

The fourth session of the Vietnam-China Land Border Joint Committee ended up in Hanoi on Thursday, with two sides having agreed on many important issues, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

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mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Vietnam’s Confucius institute distraction

The controversy in Vietnam over China’s establishment of a Confucius Institute is misplaced, argues one blogger.

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samedi 9 novembre 2013

Most fake products in Vietnam are made in China

Fake products continue to flood Vietnamese markets and most of them are made in China and illicitly brought to Vietnam.

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lundi 21 octobre 2013

Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea

Both countries see the disputed areas as vital interests, yet have taken divergent approaches in pressing their claims.

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lundi 14 octobre 2013

China reaches out again—this time to Vietnam

China’s diplomatic blitz through Southeast Asia continued on Sunday, as Chinese premiere Li Keqiang arrived in Hanoi to boost political trust and economic ties with Vietnam, where territorial disputes have, in the past, made for rocky relations.

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samedi 12 octobre 2013

Chinese language teaching in Vietnam connects two countries

"I like Vietnam. The life and the students here make me feel like going back to my youth. I like to stay here, maybe till the day that I cannot walk myself," the 60- year-old Chinese language teacher Zhao Yuquan, when interviewed with Xinhua in early October, expressed his love for Vietnam.

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More Chinese tourists visit Vietnam without tour guides or travel agents

HANOI - Fifteen years ago, Vietnam's Chinese tour guide Nguyen Thi Son Ha had a flourishing career because at that time she was able to assist an average of 200 tourists a month from China.

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mardi 8 octobre 2013

Progress and the Party : Social(ist) tensions in Vietnam

Late last month, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his Vietnamese counterpart, Pham Binh Minh. His message was for a full-scale improvement of relations between the two countries. Of course, it would make sense that two of the world's last remaining socialist countries would have strong relations.

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mardi 3 septembre 2013

China calls for expanding continental, maritime cooperation with Vietnam

NANNING - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday that China is ready to work with Vietnam to expand continental and maritime cooperation.

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samedi 3 août 2013

China foreign minister to visit Vietnam

HANOI — Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will start a Vietnam visit Saturday to boost bilateral ties, amid disputes over territories in the South China Sea between China and other countries in the region.

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mercredi 31 juillet 2013

The US-Vietnam alliance against China

Talks between US President Barack Obama and Vietnamese President Troung Tan Sang in Washington on July 25 saw both leaders emphasise their intention to enhance economic, political and military cooperation, potentially against China.

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vendredi 26 juillet 2013

Vietnam president : We oppose China's nine-dash line claim

Washington - Vietnam’s president on Thursday voiced firm opposition to China’s claims in the South China Sea but declined to back a Philippine bid to take the row to a UN tribunal.

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