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lundi 27 juin 2016

Top Chinese envoy in Vietnam as tension looms before court ruling

China's top diplomat arrived in Vietnam on Monday for a scheduled meeting to strengthen historically close relations, at a time when ties are strained by squabbles over the South China Sea.

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mercredi 20 avril 2016

Vietnam spends $10.7b on Chinese imports in Q1

In the first quarter (Q1) of 2016, Vietnam spent $10.7 billion on imports from China, accounting for around 28 percent of Vietnam's total import revenue, according to Vietnam Customs on Tuesday.

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lundi 18 avril 2016

Vietnamese girls smuggled into China and sold as child brides

"When I woke up I didn't know that I was in China." Lan remembers the night that changed her whole life.

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vendredi 8 avril 2016

Vietnam tells China to remove oil rig from disputed waters

Vietnam’s government on Thursday said it had told China to pull an oil rig from waters between the two countries that haven’t been demarcated and urged Beijing not to drill for oil or gas in the area.

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dimanche 3 avril 2016

Vietnam seizes chinese ship, State media reports

Border Defense Force accuses vessel of intruding into Vietnam’s territorial waters

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lundi 14 mars 2016

Vietnam protesters denounce China on anniversary of navy battle

Demonstrators marched in Vietnam's capital on Monday to mark the 28th anniversary of a bloody naval battle with China and to denounce Beijing's growing assertiveness in the hotly contested waters of the South China Sea.

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mardi 8 mars 2016

China top trade partner of Vietnam: Vietnamese official

A Vietnamese official described China as a top partner of Vietnam with two-way trade of over 66 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 during an event held in Vietnam's capital Hanoi on Monday.

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vendredi 19 février 2016

Vietnam slams China over ‘violation’ of sovereignty

Vietnam lodged a formal protest with China and the United Nations chief on Friday, saying it was “deeply concerned” over Beijing’s apparent deployment of an advanced surface-to-air missile system on a disputed island in the South China Sea.

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jeudi 18 février 2016

We will never forget’: Anti-China sentiment simmers in Vietnam on anniversary of bloody border war that had no winner

Vietnamese activists chanted anti-China slogans in Hanoi Wednesday as they marked the 37th anniversary of a border war with their giant neighbour, in a memorial that followed reports that Beijing has installed missile systems in contested seas.

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samedi 6 février 2016

Chinese media : our artificial islands are better than Vietnam's

A Chinese media report claims that Vietnamese land reclamation on a Spratly reef was washed away in a typhoon.

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samedi 23 janvier 2016

Is China interfering in Vietnam’s politics with Its South China Sea moves ?

Some say Beijing is trying to influence the outcome of the Communist Party congress in Vietnam.

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mercredi 20 janvier 2016

South China Sea: Vietnam accuses China of dragging oil rig into its waters

Vietnam has accused China of towing a $1 billion oil rig into disputed waters of the South China Sea in a potential re-run of a stand-off that sparked violent anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam in 2014.

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samedi 9 janvier 2016

Vietnam says China’s flights to South China Sea a threat to air safety

Vietnam authorities claim 46 instances of Chinese planes flying unannounced through Vietnam’s area of responsibility in first week of January

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mardi 5 janvier 2016

Japan and Philippines join Vietnam in voicing anger over China ‘test flight’ in disputed islands

Flight to new airstrip in contested Spratly Islands is a sign of escalating tensions in the South China Sea

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dimanche 3 janvier 2016

Chinese vessel sinks Vietnamese fishing boat in Vietnam’s waters

Vietnamese authorities have concluded that a Chinese vessel rammed and sank a local fishing boat in Vietnam’s waters this week after hearing reports from the fishers aboard.

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Vietnam could beat China on GDP growth in 2016

Vietnam’s economy has the chance to expand at a faster pace than that of China in 2016, and what matters is whether the country can grab the opportunity, an economist has said.

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South China Sea: Vietnam protests after China lands plane on disputed Spratlys

Vietnam has formally accused China of violating its sovereignty and a recent confidence-building pact by landing a plane on an airstrip Beijing has built on an artificial island in a contested part of the South China Sea.

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dimanche 27 décembre 2015

Vietnam to post bigger trade deficits with China, other countries in 2015

Vietnam’s trade deficit with China and several other countries are expected to widen in 2015, the latest customs data show.

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samedi 19 décembre 2015

Inside Vietnam's military modernization

Vietnam has embarked on its biggest military build-up in decades in an attempt to deter a rising China.

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jeudi 17 décembre 2015

Vietnam builds military muscle to face China

Vietnam's military is steeling itself for conflict with China as it accelerates a decade-long modernization drive, Hanoi's biggest arms buildup since the height of the Vietnam War.

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jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Why Vietnam's foreign policy won't change after Its party congress

Exploring myths and misconceptions regarding Vietnam’s approach to China and the United States.

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lundi 7 décembre 2015

Discretion pays for Vietnam casino raking in wealthy Chinese

A small beachfront Vietnamese casino is giving Macau's VIP gambling scene a run for its money, drawing in more wealthy Chinese through its columned facade than many Southeast Asian rivals with the allure of sun, sand and discretion.

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jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Vietnam warned about negative impact from Chinese ‘infrastructure leverage’

While China, Laos and Thailand are believed to benefit from the Chinese ‘infrastructure leverage’ program, Vietnam will sustain negative impact from it.

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samedi 7 novembre 2015

Vietnam talks trust with China, invites Japanese warship

Vietnam agreed to build a "truly trustworthy" relationship with China on Friday during a visit to Hanoi by its President Xi Jinping, but at the same time invited Beijing's old rival Japan for joint military exercises and a visit to a sought-after port.

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jeudi 5 novembre 2015

China’s Xi in Vietnam to bridge troubled waters

The two sides share similar ideologies and culture, but have drifted because of territorial disputes

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mercredi 4 novembre 2015

China's Xi to visit Vietnam; repairing ties after rig row

Although Chinese President Xi Jinping won't get a gilded carriage or a beer in the prime minister's local pub on his Vietnam visit, a warm welcome awaits as both sides seek to repair ties after a fierce row last year.

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mardi 3 novembre 2015

China's Xi aiming to 'reset' ties on Vietnam visit

Amid heightened tensions over territorial disputes in the South China Sea, Chinese President Xi Jinping will embark on his first state visit to Vietnam in a bid to mend strained relations between the communist nations.

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jeudi 29 octobre 2015

Vietnam responds to USS Lassen patrol around Chinese-built islands

Related parties in the East Vietnam Sea should contribute to maintaining peace, stability, and maritime and aviation security and safety, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.

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China's president to visit Vietnam amid South China Sea tension

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Vietnam next week amid heightened tension in the South China Sea that has weighed on ties between the neighbors.

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samedi 17 octobre 2015

Vietnam between China and the United States : The next balancing test beckons

Upcoming visits next month by US and Chinese leaders will test Hanoi’s balancing skills.

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