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mardi 10 septembre 2013

Vietnam at risk due to ‘rampant’ mismanagem​ent of human waste

Raw sewage from Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport being discharged directly into the environment is just one example of Vietnam’s lax management of human waste.

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jeudi 8 août 2013

Vietnam capital wants to disappear the cyclo

The capital city is preparing to hammer the final nail in the coffin of the iconic cyclo, the three-wheeled pedicab once ubiquitous in the country.

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lundi 5 août 2013

Activists parade for gay rights in Vietnam

HANOI - Some two hundred activists waving rainbow flags and carrying hand-painted banners biked in a colourful convoy through central Hanoi today as part of the communist country’s second gay pride parade.

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dimanche 4 août 2013

Vietnam : gay pride à Hanoi avant peut-être des unions entre homos

Quelque 200 militants homosexuels ont défilé à vélo dimanche dans le centre de Hanoi, dans le cadre de la 2e gay pride annuelle de ce pays communiste qui pourrait autoriser les unions homosexuelles.

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jeudi 1 août 2013

Gay Pride March returns to Vietnam capital

Several film screenings and talk shows on sexual diversity are planned to be held in Hanoi this weekend to raise awareness and foster acceptance of alternative sexuality.

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mercredi 31 juillet 2013

Hanoi to invest in history

HANOI - Hundreds of historical relics and sites have been identified by Hanoi’s authorities for a US$286 million restoration project.

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vendredi 5 juillet 2013

Number of dissolved companies in Hanoi surges nearly 30pct

The Hanoi People’s Committee has recently reported the operation situation of businesses in the capital city in the first half of this year.

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dimanche 31 mars 2013

Rugby : l’équipe de Hong Kong au-dessus de la mêlée

L’équipe des élèves de l’école française de Hong Kong a remporté la première coupe de rugby des écoles françaises d’Asie-Pacifique.

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samedi 2 février 2013

Poor investment into Hanoi’s hi-tech park

HANOI – Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park in Hanoi has been operational for over a decade but it has only attracted 68 investment projects in that time and it is described as a ‘slow investment attraction’ by local experts.

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samedi 5 janvier 2013

Only one-fourth of Hanoi firms pay income tax

HANOI – Only one-fourth of companies in Hanoi paid corporate income tax to local State budget in 2012, resulting in the capital city’s budget revenue falling short of the year’s target, according to Hanoi City’s Tax Department.

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samedi 22 décembre 2012

Minister calls for halt to Hanoi’s inactive realty projects

HANOI – Minister of Construction Trinh Dinh Dung on Wednesday suggested property projects that have not yet carried out site clearance should be halted in order to settle the oversupply problem of the Hanoi real estate market.

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samedi 15 décembre 2012

Hanoi traffic cops told to polish public image

In an explicit gesture to restore public trust, Hanoi police chief Nguyen Duc Chung has instructed traffic police officers to behave better in dealing with violations and be more helpful.

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vendredi 7 décembre 2012

Hanoi accueillera les 16es Championnats de pétanque d’Asie

Les 16e Championnats de pétanque d’Asie seniors et juniors se disputeront à Hanoi du 11 au 16 décembre, a annoncé le comité d’organisation lors d’une conférence de presse jeudi.

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lundi 26 novembre 2012

Vietnam empty office towers show dreams turned to rubble

From afar, the gleaming metal and glass edifices of Hanoi’s EVN Tower illustrate Vietnam’s rapid economic development. Up close, the rubble-strewn entrance and missing windows tell another story: one of loose lending and property speculation that now hangs over the country’s banks.

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dimanche 25 novembre 2012

Ouverture du 2e festival du cinéma de Hanoi

Le deuxième festival international du cinéma de Hanoi, sur le thème "Le cinéma d'Asie-Pacifique uni et développé", s'est ouvert dimanche soir, devant un parterre de délégués du Vietnam et de 31 pays et territoires.

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Museums need to be more friendly

Museums in Viet Nam are not appealing enough for tourists, resulting in them being bypassed by agencies organising visitor tours, experts said at a workshop on museum and heritage tourism in the capital on Wednesday.

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vendredi 9 novembre 2012

L’homme chargé d’entretenir l’unique mosquée de Hanoi

La silhouette corpulente, le teint légèrement foncé, le regard chaleureux, Doàn Hông Cuong, 58 ans, assure depuis deux décennies la garde d’Al-Noor, la seule mosquée dans le Nord, sise 12, rue Hàng Luoc, dans l’ancien quartier de Hanoi.

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mercredi 17 octobre 2012

Lancement du Mois pour les pauvres 2012 à Hanoi

Le Comité du Front de la Patrie du Vietnam (FPV) a lancé ce 17 octobre le Mois pour les pauvres 2012 lors d'une cérémonie organisée mercredi à Hanoi, en présence du vice-Premier ministre Vu Van Ninh. Il se poursuit jusqu'au 18 novembre.

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mardi 16 octobre 2012

Apartment prices plunge further

The prices of apartments in Hanoi continued to decline in the third quarter, reflecting the prolonged stagnation in the city's real estate market.

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samedi 13 octobre 2012

Tuk tuk plan chucked out

HANOI - Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport has officially turned down the Hanoi Transport Association’s proposal to import tuk tuks as a solution to limit the use of personal vehicles and ease congestion.

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jeudi 11 octobre 2012

A Hanoï, un bunker oublié réveille les souvenirs de la guerre

HANOI - Des stars d'Hollywood s'y sont réfugiées ainsi que des diplomates et des militants pacifistes. Dans un hôtel de Hanoï, un bunker de la guerre du Vietnam vient d'être rouvert, héritage parmi d'autres d'une période inscrite dans le paysage urbain.

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1972, année cruciale pour le dénouement du conflit vietnamo-américain

Une table ronde intitulée "L’année 1972 vue d’en Haut : année cruciale pour le dénouement du conflit vietnamo-américain" a eu lieu jeudi soir au Centre culturel français du 24, rue Trang Tien à Hanoi.

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mardi 9 octobre 2012

Carton-made Venuses by Vu Dan Tan

Unique works by late artist Vu Dan Tan and artist Nguyen Nghia Cuong, which have never appeared in Vietnam, are now on display in Hanoi.

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mardi 2 octobre 2012

Hanoians torment each other with noise

Visitors to the capital city all complain that there is too much noise in Hanoi. In fact, Hanoians have been living together with the noise pollution for many years.

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mardi 25 septembre 2012

Prices driven up in Hanoi, HCMC

The consumer price index (CPI) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the two biggest cities of Vietnam, made a U-turn with a 2.47 percent and 1.21 percent rise in September, respectively.

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samedi 22 septembre 2012

Inflation skyrockets in cities

HA NOI — Inflation continued to heat up in the nation's two largest cities in September, driven by soaring fuel and back-to-school costs, according to statistics offices in the two cities.

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jeudi 13 septembre 2012

Shopping malls deserted, but Hanoi says it still needs more markets

Lot of modern shopping malls located on advantageous positions in the commercial hubs of Hoan Kiem, Dong Da and Cau Giay districts have been deserted for the last two years. Meanwhile, Hanoi authorities believe that the city still needs more shopping malls.

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samedi 1 septembre 2012

Abandoned villas may face new tax

Authorities in Hanoi have proposed a new tax to be imposed on vacant villas in the city in an effort to curb land waste and speculation.

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jeudi 23 août 2012

Non-stop China-Vietnam bus service launched

NANNING -- A direct non-stop bus service linking Nanning, capital of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with Vietnam's capital Hanoi was launched on Wednesday.

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mardi 21 août 2012

Old villas remain popular despite housing market slump

Despite the slump in real estate prices, old villas in Hanoi are still going for sky high prices.

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