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Fil des billets

vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Le Vietnam gagne sur toute la ligne

Le dernier appel d’offre des Philippines pour l’achat de riz a été remporté par la république socialiste.

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jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Vietnam bags deal on 600,000-MT rice supply

HANOI – Vietnam has won a contract to export 600,000 tons of rice to the Philippines, authorities said Wednesday.

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samedi 5 décembre 2009

Vietnam wins a bid of 300,000 tonnes of rice for Philippines

Vietnam participated in the bidding session for purchasing 600,000 tonnes of rice opened in the Philippines on December 1 and won three bidding packages with total rice export of 300,000 tonnes of 25 percent broken rice at high price.

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samedi 7 novembre 2009

UN assesses needs after typhoon ; Vietnam toll rises

United Nations relief officials are assisting recovery efforts after Typhoon Mirinae hit the Philippines and Vietnam, where the death toll from the storm rose to more than 120 people.

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mardi 20 octobre 2009

Vietnam expects to sign Philippine rice contracts after storms

Vietnam expects to start signing rice-export contracts with the Philippines earlier than usual this year after storms damaged harvests in the world’s largest buyer, boosting prices for the staple.

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mardi 29 septembre 2009

Typhoon leaves 31 dead in Vietnam

A powerful typhoon has struck central Vietnam, causing floods and landslides which have killed at least 31 people and forced 170,000 to flee their homes.

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lundi 16 mars 2009

Vietnam protests Philippine territorial law

Vietnam on Friday criticised a new Philippine law which China earlier slammed for laying claim to two strategic South China Sea territories claimed by several Asian countries.

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mercredi 11 mars 2009

Philippines enacts law claiming disputed islands

MANILA — The Philippine president has signed a law affirming sovereignty over islands also claimed by China and Vietnam, an official said Wednesday, sparking protests over the control of strategic South China Sea islands.

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samedi 7 mars 2009

Top Vietnamese rice exporters plan to build warehouse in RP

Vietnam's top rice exporters have sought government approval to build a bonded warehouse for rice in the Philippines, a state-run newspaper said yesterday, in a move to raise exports and expand trade ties between the nations.

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vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Coup de poker du Vietnam sur le marché du riz

Les Philippines, le premier importateur au monde de riz, semblent avoir tiré les leçons de la crise alimentaire de 2008. Le gouvernement serait en passe de signer un accord avec le Vietnam pour l’importation de 1 à 1 500 000 tonnes de riz.

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Manila's secret rice deal with Vietnam

The Philippines, the world's largest rice importer, is on track to secure most of the grain it needs this year through a large and secretive government-to-government deal with Vietnam, bypassing the international market, traders said yesterday.

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