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jeudi 7 novembre 2019

The pain of surging pork prices Is now being felt in Vietnam

African swine fever, the deadly pig disease that drove up China’s pork prices to record levels, is now taking another major consumer of the meat hostage.

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dimanche 22 septembre 2019

16 arrested for stealing thousands of dogs in Vietnam

Sixteen gang members have been arrested and 51 dogs were rescued as part of an investigation into the thefts of thousands of dogs in northern Vietnam, police said on Tuesday (Sept 17).

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vendredi 6 septembre 2019

Monkey business : Vietnam macaque island draws tourists - and criticism

Menacing macaques snatch bags of crisps, water bottles, cookies and crackers from uneasy tourists on Vietnam's Monkey Island, a popular attraction decried as cruel by activists calling for an end to animal tourism in Southeast Asia.

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vendredi 2 août 2019

The challenges of campaigning against wildlife trafficking in Vietnam

“Be Their Bodhisattva,” a striking anti-wildlife trafficking campaign, was organized in Vietnam from Jan. 25 to March 25 this year. The campaign caught the attention of both the public and prominent national media outlets. However, record-breaking seizures of wildlife parts destined for Vietnam in the months since demonstrate the breadth and depth of the problem.

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dimanche 28 juillet 2019

Vietnam seizes 125kg of rhino horn hidden in plaster

Fifty-five pieces of rhino horn were found encased in plaster at an airport in the Vietnamese capital, authorities said on Sunday (Jul 28), as the country tries to crack down on sophisticated wildlife smuggling routes.

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vendredi 31 mai 2019

Vietnam culls 2 million pigs, urges whole nation to fight swine fever

Vietnam said on Friday (May 31) it has culled 2 million pigs in a bid to curb an outbreak of deadly African swine fever and called on the entire nation to join the fight against the rapidly spreading disease.

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jeudi 2 mai 2019

We asked people in Vietnam why they use rhino horn. Here’s what they said

Vietnam is one of the world’s largest consumers of rhino horn, contributing to the continued poaching of rhinos in the wild.

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jeudi 11 avril 2019

Vietnam man arrested smuggling tiger skin, bones to China

A Vietnamese man has been arrested for attempting to smuggle an entire tiger skin and tiger bones into China, police said Thursday in the southeast Asian country where illegal wildlife trade flourishes.

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lundi 1 avril 2019

Vietnam’s empty forests

The Asian nation is a hot spot of biological diversity, but local and international conservation groups are struggling to halt what amounts to animal genocide.

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mercredi 13 mars 2019

Vietnam's elephant festival draws cheers and critics

Mahout Y Hoi Bya sits atop his elephant, whacking him with a large stick to urge him toward the finish line at the Buon Don race in Vietnam's central highlands.

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lundi 4 mars 2019

News Cat meat on Vietnam bus headed for local pubs

Hundreds of cat carcasses found on a trans-Vietnam bus in seven styrofoam boxes were meant for local pubs, police believe.

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samedi 5 janvier 2019

Vietnam’s illegal ivory market ‘continues to thrive’

Surveys show illegal trade is thriving with more than 10,000 ivory items on sale in retail outlets and online

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vendredi 7 décembre 2018

Vietnam steps up measures to prevent African swine fever

Vietnamese authorities on Wednesday conducted drills to prevent the spread of African swine fever should there be an outbreak of the disease in the country, as the risks of transmission from neighboring China increase.

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mercredi 24 octobre 2018

Vietnam’s first ethical elephant tours launch

Yok Don national park has stopped offering elephant rides and now encourages travellers to see elephants in their natural habitat

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mardi 9 octobre 2018

Asia Vietnam's dog meat culture clashes with modern tastes

Vietnamese officials in Hanoi have asked residents to stop eating dog meat, citing health and public image concerns. Vendors and enthusiasts now fear a nationwide ban on what they consider to be a traditional delicacy.

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vendredi 5 octobre 2018

Vietnam seizes eight tonnes of ivory, pangolin scales

Vietnamese authorities have seized more than eight metric tonnes of pangolin scales and ivory in one of the Southeast Asian country’s largest wildlife trafficking cases for years, the government said on Friday.

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dimanche 30 septembre 2018

Nearly a tonne of pangolin scales, ivory seized in Vietnam, which has banned the trading of both

Vietnam has seized around a tonne of pangolin scales and ivory hidden inside airline cargo packages, state media reported, as the country struggles to rein in wildlife smuggling across its borders.

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mercredi 25 juillet 2018

Vietnam welcomes China collaboration in breeding rare Sword Lake turtles

Vietnamese officials say collaborating with China to breed the rarest turtle species in the world is a great conservation opportunity.

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dimanche 11 février 2018

Vietnam strengthens law enforcement efforts to protect wildlife

Criminals convicted of breaking Vietnamese laws protecting endangered species now face up to 15 years in prison and fines up to US$660,000.

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mardi 10 octobre 2017

Shrimp diseases continue to vex farmers in Vietnam

White spot virus, early mortality syndrome (EMS), Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHS), and white feces disease continue to be of concern for Vietnamese shrimp farmers and their economic peace of mind.

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vendredi 22 septembre 2017

Bird trade escalating in Vietnam

Việt Nam’s sizeable trade in wild birds is going unchecked and could harm wild populations if not managed, a new study by wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic warns.

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jeudi 7 septembre 2017

Vietnam seizes over 1 ton of ivory smuggled in from Africa

Authorities have seized more than a ton of smuggled ivory at a Vietnamese port where some 6 tons were seized last year.

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mercredi 22 mars 2017

Five frozen, gutted tigers found in Vietnam

Five frozen tigers have been discovered in a Vietnamese man's freezer with their organs removed, according to official reports Tuesday, in a country seen as a global hub for the illegal wildlife trade.

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mercredi 28 décembre 2016

Crocodiles In Vietnam skinned alive in service of fashion

Footage taken from inside several crocodile farms in Vietnam shows the horrific way in which the animals skins are harvested.

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dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Over 300kg of alleged elephant tusks seized at Vietnam airport

Customs officers at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi have seized more than 300 kilograms of tusks, allegedly belonging to elephants, shipped from Lagos Airport in Nigeria on Thursday.

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samedi 24 septembre 2016

Vietnam’s role in Africa’s poaching crisis cannot be ignored

In South Africa, nearly 6,000 rhinos have been poached since 2007

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lundi 18 juillet 2016

Exporters suspended from supplying Australian cattle to Vietnam

In a rare move, two exporters — as yet unnamed — have been suspended from supplying Australian cattle to Vietnam.

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vendredi 17 juin 2016

Australian cows 'killed with sledgehammers' in Vietnam

Vietnamese abattoir workers have been secretly filmed bludgeoning Australian cattle with sledgehammers, animal rights activists say.

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dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Vietnam's first safari zoo opens on Phu Quoc island

Vietnam's first safari zoo, featuring more than 150 animal species, has opened on the island of Phu Quoc in the southern province of Kien Giang.

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dimanche 7 juin 2015

Cruel trade: the flourishing cat-meat restaurants of north Vietnam

Cats destined for the pot are transported in squalid conditions before a cruel death. With policemen and military officers their most devoted customers, the illegal restaurants appear safe from prosecution, Simon Parry finds

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