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mardi 30 octobre 2018

Caritas Vietnam marks ten years since it resumed its activities

The Communist regime had stopped the charity in June 1976. Bishops, priests, superiors of religious orders, leaders and benefactors of the 26 diocesan Caritas took part in the annual conference.

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jeudi 23 août 2018

Vietnamese Catholic families caught between economic hardships and crisis of values

Catholics in the Asian country are closely following the World Meeting of Families.

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samedi 18 août 2018

Vietnam’s Catholics : cross with China, and all communists

Catholics make up just 7 per cent of Vietnam’s population, but play an outsize role in the nation’s underground dissident movement. In return, they say, churches are demolished, priests arrested and the religion smeared

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mardi 24 avril 2018

French missionaries 'sow good seeds' in Vietnam

Church leaders thank Missions Etrangeres de Paris for helping Vietnamese clergy to study in Paris

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jeudi 11 janvier 2018

Netizens adapt to social media censorship in Vietnam

Catholic priests are leading the resistance to the communist country's clampdown on internet freedom

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dimanche 30 juillet 2017

Notre Dame restoration

The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City will be closed to visitors for three years.

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jeudi 1 décembre 2016

Are the Vatican and Vietnam close to normalizing ties ?

Overshadowed by current secret talks — and a possible breakthrough agreement — between the Vatican and China after 65 years of estrangement, Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang’s trip to the Vatican last Wednesday (Nov. 23) did not attract a good deal of international attention.

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jeudi 24 novembre 2016

Pope Francis welcomes Vietnamese leader’s visit to Vatican

Pope Francis has welcomed and spoken highly of President Tran Dai Quang’s visit to the Vatican, considering it an occasion for Vietnam and the Vatican to enhance mutual understanding, thereby fostering bilateral ties.

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mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Vatican Cardinal visits Vietnam

The ongoing visit to Vietnam by Vatican Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, is hoped to help him understand more about religious policies and life of Vietnamese Catholic followers.

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mardi 14 janvier 2014

Saigon : Authorities threaten Catholics over disputed land

At the center of the dispute , the parish of Thu Thiem and buildings used by a group of nuns. District 2 authorities intend to take possession of the area, despite the centennial presence of the Christian community, in violation of the Constitution. The faithful accuse the government of Ho Chi Minh City of "covering up abuse" and scuttling "historical and cultural traditions".

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jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Vietnam lets churches thrive, but keeps control

KRET KROT — A year ago in this poor hill-tribe village, police rounded up members of a small Catholic sect who were accused of trying to create an independent state. The leaders are in jail, followers who escaped have fled into the jungle and officers patrolling the muddy streets warn people to shun that offshoot of the faith.

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mardi 22 janvier 2013

Pope meets Vietnam Communist Party chief

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI received the secretary general of Vietnam's Communist Party on Tuesday in an unusual gesture marking a desire for "fruitful collaboration" between the Catholic Church and the party, though some issues remain to be resolved, the Vatican said.

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mardi 27 mars 2012

Vietnam blocks Vatican beatification mission

Vietnam revoked visas for a Vatican delegation visit to advance the beatification of a cardinal who spent 13 years in detention after the fall of the South, a church official said Monday.

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mercredi 21 mars 2012

Vatican moves toward beatification of Vietnamese cardinal

VATICAN CITY — A Vatican delegation is heading to Vietnam to advance the beatification of a cardinal who spent 13 years in detention following the fall of South Vietnam, church media said.

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jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Vietnam sewage plan sparks religious tension

HANOI — Religious tensions have flared in Vietnam after communist authorities moved in to start work on a sewage reservoir that Catholics say is on church land.

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lundi 8 août 2011

Vietnam dissident OK after hunger strike

HANOI - A dissident Vietnamese priest with a brain tumour went on a one-week hunger strike after authorities returned him to prison last month, his family said on Friday.

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dimanche 31 juillet 2011

EU joins calls for release of jailed Vietnam priest

Ashton said in a statement that although 65-year-old Nguyen Van Ly "has partly recovered, his health remains very poor and he is still at high risk of death in prison."

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jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Canada demands release of jailed Vietnam priest

OTTAWA — Canada on Wednesday joined an international chorus calling for the release of a frail dissident Vietnamese priest who has been re-arrested after being freed for medical reasons more than a year ago.

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mardi 26 juillet 2011

Dissident priest re-arrested in Vietnam

A Catholic priest who is one of Vietnam's most prominent dissidents was re-arrested Monday, more than a year after he was granted medical leave from prison, sources familiar with the case said.

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samedi 30 avril 2011

Vatican envoy in 'historic' visit: Vietnamese church

The Vatican's first representative to Vietnam since 1975 has made a "historic" visit to the communist country, according to a local Catholic church statement.

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samedi 5 février 2011

God and state draw closer in Vietnam

The Vatican's appointment of its first official representative to Vietnam signals a detente between the country's communist rulers and the Catholic Church that could represent the first step towards establishing formal diplomatic relations.

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dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Vietnam reduces jail terms for 2 Catholics

Vietnam's state media say an appeals court has reduced jail terms for two Roman Catholics convicted of causing public disorder for taking part in a clash over land rights.

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dimanche 12 décembre 2010

Communist Vietnam catches the Christmas spirit

HO CHI MINH CITY - Just across the street from the Communist Youth Union, fake snowflakes swirled in the hot, humid air as a skinny Santa Claus flanked by two elves in miniskirts swayed to "Jingle Bells," "Silent Night" and "Let It Snow."

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jeudi 19 août 2010

US lawmakers urge probe on Vietnam Catholic clash

WASHINGTON — US lawmakers urged a UN probe into violence in a Vietnamese Catholic village after families said that authorities used deadly force to break up a religious procession.

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mercredi 28 juillet 2010

Pope to name Vatican representative to Vietnam

The Vatican said on Saturday that Pope Benedict would name a non-resident representative to Vietnam, in a significant step towards establishing diplomatic relations with the communist state.

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dimanche 13 juin 2010

Dissident Vietnam priest proclaims innocence in UN letter

HANOI — A dissident Catholic priest jailed four times by communist Vietnam has proclaimed his innocence and accused the country of breaching its international treaty obligations to safeguard human rights.

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vendredi 7 mai 2010

Vatican, Vietnam sacrifice a holy man

A major stumbling block to diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the Vatican has seemingly been removed with the resignation of a popular Vietnamese Catholic leader and government critic.

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mercredi 5 mai 2010

Vietnam police clash with Catholics over cemetery

Hanoi - Police clashed with villagers trying to perform a Catholic burial in a cemetery the government has condemned for development as an ecotourism resort, residents said Wednesday.

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lundi 15 mars 2010

Vietnam releases leading dissident from prison

HANOI — Vietnam released one of its leading democracy activists from prison Monday after the dissident Catholic priest spent three years and suffered two strokes in solitary confinement, his lawyer and sister said.

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mardi 9 mars 2010

Hanoi archbishop hospitalised in Rome

ROME — Hanoi's controversial Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet has been admitted to hospital in Rome for "chronic insomnia and stress", the Asianews religious news agency said Monday

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