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samedi 13 juillet 2019

Baby Hoai An, found in plastic bag and treated in Singapore, dies in Vietnam

A Vietnamese baby girl who was treated at a Singapore hospital after being left for dead in Vietnam in March has died.

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mercredi 19 juin 2019

'Shame and pain': Vietnam starts to grapple with child abuse epidemic

After several high profile cases, the government has launched a campaign to bring the issue into the open

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samedi 15 décembre 2018

Vietnam faces shortage of teachers in special education

Luu Quynh Trang, a teacher at Hai Phong School for Blind and Handicapped Children, said she had taught disabled children 15 years and was panicked when she had to deal with her first hyperactive child that screamed, climbed windows and stole toys from other children.

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dimanche 30 septembre 2018

Slovak paedophile’s conviction a watershed for Vietnam

First prosecution since closure of a legal loophole that enabled men to sexually abuse young boys without it being considered a sex crime raises hopes the country has turned a corner on child abuse

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dimanche 17 juin 2018

From Vietnam, without love : the child brides of China

In the rural mountains of Vietnam, young girls are disappearing from their homes with increasing regularity. Many turn up across the border, sold as wives for the price of a buffalo

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vendredi 1 juin 2018

Vietnam gets less kid friendly

Malnutrition seems to be the biggest childcare problem in the country.

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dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Home Office accused of cruelty for ordering cannabis slave back to Vietnam

Teenager spent five years as a cannabis gardener in the UK being beaten and threatened, after he was seized from Hanoi aged 10

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lundi 11 septembre 2017

Inside Vietnam City, the French holding camp for vulnerable UK-bound migrants

Hidden in woodland, camp houses up to 100 Vietnamese people allegedly on their way to work illegally in Britain

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dimanche 26 mars 2017

Paedophilia cases spark social media outcry in Vietnam

Vietnamese cops took three months to respond seriously to allegations that an eight-year-old girl had been molested, but then outrage spilled onto Facebook and they made an arrest in days -- a rare win for public opinion in the communist country.

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jeudi 5 janvier 2017

Urban kids not getting enough exercise in Việt Nam

It is accepted by everyone that children need plenty of regular physical exercise, but parents in major cities are not doing enough to ensure this, experts say.

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dimanche 3 avril 2016

Child sex abuse at alarming rate in Vietnam

The number of child sex abuse cases in Vietnam has been increasing at an alarming rate in recent years, making experts scratch their heads over the cause as well as suitable penalties for offenders.

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jeudi 13 août 2015

Vietnam parents want children to learn about money through part-time summer jobs

A number of parents in southern Vietnam allow their children to take part-time jobs during the summer break in the hope that they will learn about earning and using money.

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lundi 11 août 2014

Vietnam capital may close pagoda orphanage amid child trafficking probe

The Hanoi municipal government is preparing five social welfare centers to receive orphans and abandoned children from a pagoda that was caught up in a child trafficking scandal.

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lundi 4 août 2014

Vietnam police arrest 2 women for selling baby from pagoda

Hanoi police arrested two women on Sunday for allegedly selling a nine-month-old baby from Bo De Pagoda, a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Long Bien District, for US$1,650.

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dimanche 20 avril 2014

Vietnam measles outbreak kills more than 100 people, mostly children

Hanoi - Vietnam is scrambling to contain a deadly outbreak of measles that has killed more than 100 people, mostly young children, and infected thousands more this year, the government says. At least 112 people - the majority of them under 10 years old - have died of the disease so far in 2014, the Ministry of Health said on Friday in a statement.

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