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mercredi 19 juin 2019

'Shame and pain': Vietnam starts to grapple with child abuse epidemic

After several high profile cases, the government has launched a campaign to bring the issue into the open

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dimanche 30 septembre 2018

Slovak paedophile’s conviction a watershed for Vietnam

First prosecution since closure of a legal loophole that enabled men to sexually abuse young boys without it being considered a sex crime raises hopes the country has turned a corner on child abuse

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dimanche 26 mars 2017

Paedophilia cases spark social media outcry in Vietnam

Vietnamese cops took three months to respond seriously to allegations that an eight-year-old girl had been molested, but then outrage spilled onto Facebook and they made an arrest in days -- a rare win for public opinion in the communist country.

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dimanche 3 avril 2016

Child sex abuse at alarming rate in Vietnam

The number of child sex abuse cases in Vietnam has been increasing at an alarming rate in recent years, making experts scratch their heads over the cause as well as suitable penalties for offenders.

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mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Nursemaids caught on tape abusing kids

Police are investigating a case in which nursemaids at a preschool in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thu Duc District have been accused of frequently abusing and torturing preschoolers.

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lundi 22 juillet 2013

Vietnam police arrest French doctor wanted by Interpol for child sex abuse

Police arrested Friday a French doctor working at the French Hospital in Hanoi who is wanted by Interpol for sexual abuse of children in several countries.

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samedi 2 mars 2013

UK to help Vietnam keep British sex offenders away from local children

United Kingdom authorities have introduced a new initiative in Vietnam, aiming to protect the nation’s children from child sex offenders convicted in the UK who may be travelling or working overseas, according to the British Embassy in Hanoi.

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samedi 3 novembre 2012

Child sex crimes on the rise in Vietnam

Police and lawyers call for a better legal system to protect children against sex tourism

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mercredi 26 novembre 2008

Two Vietnamese men arrested for trying to sell child

Hanoi - Police in southern Vietnam arrested two men for plotting to sell a boy to a cafe owner, telling her the child could fetch a high price from a foreign couple looking to adopt, a police official said Monday.

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samedi 2 août 2008

Vietnam deports alleged U.S. child abuser

HANOI - A U.S. citizen of Vietnamese origin, wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges he sexually abused his daughter, has been arrested and deported from Vietnam after being in hiding for more than three years.

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