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lundi 13 août 2018

Consumer goods, property most attractive sectors for acquisition in Vietnam

The most promising sectors for mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam are consumer goods and real estate, says a global advisory firm.

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jeudi 12 janvier 2017

Corporate reform in Vietnam is slow going

Investors are excited about opportunities, but wary of obstacles

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mercredi 20 avril 2016

Tycoons jostle for stakes as Vietnam's buy-Thai market booms

Through supermarkets, malls, dairy and beer, Thai tycoons are pursuing deals in Vietnam that could break mergers and acquisitions records in the upwardly mobile market of 90 million people, at the expense of their Asian rivals.

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jeudi 13 novembre 2014

ASEAN goods will not flood Vietnam after trade pact takes effect

Vietnam is scheduled to apply zero import duties on more than 1,700 tariff lines from the beginning of next year under an ASEAN trade pact, but this does not mean the market will be flooded with products originating from the ten-country bloc, a local trade official has said.

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mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Thai products invade Vietnam

Pushing her way out of the Vietnam-Thailand trade fair recently organized in Hanoi with a fully loaded shopping cart, Nguyen Thu Trang, 35, of Hanoi’s Hoang Mai District, said her four-person family is fond of Thai-everything - from fruits to soaps to garments.

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jeudi 28 août 2014

Vietnam exports fall as Thai trust rises

Bilateral trade between Cambodia and Vietnam fell marginally by 6 per cent in the first half of this year largely due to a slump in Vietnamese exports, according to data from the Vietnamese Embassy in Cambodia.

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samedi 8 décembre 2012

Shop in Sheraton Hotel sealed over 'Chinese' goods

Police in Ho Chi Minh City have sealed off a Milano - Gucci fashion shop located inside the 5-star Sheraton Saigon Hotel in downtown city and are tracking down its owner after they caught a luxury consignment of dubious items.

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samedi 22 septembre 2012

More foreign importers seek Vietnamese goods on online trading floors

Vietnamese exporters now have golden opportunities to boost exports via online trading floors, since foreign importers now tend to make deals directly with prestigious producers, without intermediaries.

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vendredi 13 avril 2012

Markets : a paradise for counterfeit goods

Six out of ten market shoppers will mistakenly go home with fake or copycat products, according to a quickly-conducted survey by the Vietnamese High-Quality Product Business Association, which once again proves that markets are paradise for counterfeit goods.

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mardi 10 avril 2012

Incentives pave way for Chinese goods to Vietnam

Chinese goods are penetrating into Vietnam in an increasingly professional and well-prepared way thanks to substantial support from the Chinese government's policy of developing their export markets.

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mercredi 28 décembre 2011

New high-income consumers emerge in Vietnam

While low-income consumers still consider product prices the most important factor in their spending, a new class of consumers who can spend up to $4,800 each time they shop has emerged in Vietnam, a recent survey has found.

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